Joe Hunt


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Luckily for fans in the city, Hunt will be returning for a night at The Kitano next month with Don Friedman and Chuck Israels, a rare opportunity to hear the classic trio that recorded A Day In The City and the first time the group has played together since disbanding in the '60s. "I see Don periodically, but Chuck hasn't seen either of us in a long time," admitted Hunt, seeming genuinely excited to be playing with the trio after so long. Fans have waited decades for the reunion and it promises to be nothing short of a magical evening.

Recommended Listening:

· George Russell, Ezz-thetics (Riverside-OJC, 1961)

· Don Friedman, A Day in the City (Riverside, 1961)

· Stan Getz, Nobody Else But Me (Verve, 1964)

· Tony Zano, In Retrospect (Mark, 1983)

· Bert Seager, Because They Can (Antilles, 1987)

· Joe Hunt, Trio (Dreambox Media, 2002)


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