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Jazz Near You and You and You!

Jazz Near You and You and You!
Michael Ricci By

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Three years of planning, one year of coding, and mission accomplished! Jazz Near You launched on Monday, October 24th. Please read on for the thrilling story...

Jazz Near You in a Nutshell

Jazz Near You is a network of 200 jazz websites and counting. We aggregate and deliver all kinds of content from events and venue listings to news, articles, photos... to what's hot in your area. It's also a tremendous advertising opportunity for a venue or presenter to reach readers in their hometown.

How Jazz Near You Works

Once you land on jazznearyou.com, the website determines your location and presents you with local information. The goal is to keep you informed on who is playing where and when in your area. If you travel, you can change your city and show the destination city's event guide. [Read the pre-launch announcement for additional information.]

Why Jazz Near You?

Though we did our best to present All About Jazz as a cohesive website, its continued growth over time made it a challenge to properly present each content section as we felt they all deserved above-the-fold positioning. We decided it was best to break our news and musician sections out into news.allaboutjazz.com and musicians.allaboutjazz.com respectively, but the local aspect of All About Jazz required its own separate website. The plan is to move everything local about All About Jazz to Jazz Near You. That includes event information and business listings (currently in progress).

Where Jazz Near You and All About Jazz Intersect

The beauty of AAJ and JNY is they share the same log in, so if you are logged in at AAJ, you are automatically logged in at JNY and vice versa. You can retrieve your private messages from both locations as well.

News and photos will remain at All About Jazz for now, but Jazz Near You users will have the ability to access local news and local photos from their Jazz Near You home page. Currently, many links at Jazz Near You point back to All About Jazz, but that will decrease over time as we move more functionality from AAJ to JNY.

Your Articles at Jazz Near You

We changed the "Regional Information" section on the AAJ article submission form, so if you select United States as the country and enter a zip code related to your article, then the headline of your article will appear on the corresponding Jazz Near You page. For instance, if you enter "10013" as the zip code on your article, the headline of your article will appear at nyc.jazznearyou.com. If you select "United Kingdom" as the country and "London" as they city, the headline of your article will appear at london.jazznearyou.com. We encourage you to geo-focus your articles, especially live reviews and articles of local interest.

Future Plans

We'll need your help with spreading the word about the Jazz Near You website and mobile app. Please Facebook Like it, Tweet about it, send the website link to your friends and hip the locals to it.

The app will launch in October. We're also working on a planning calendar for presenters, we're developing a local partners section and we will actively recruit data miners in each city where we present a Jazz Near You website.

If you have any questions about Jazz Near You, please PM me. I plan to work on the website and app for the remainder of the year and I welcome your input.

All the best,

Michael Ricci


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