January 2008: Post Clinician Information, Embed Videos, Take a Self-Directed Interview

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Your friends at All About Jazz are constantly improving how we help jazz musicians promote their music and their careers. Please read on to learn more about our most recent changes.

  1. Your Musician Profile: Improved!
  2. Feature one of your MP3s at AAJ
  3. All About Jazz News Center Upgrade
  4. AAJ Start Page for Industry Professionals
  5. Self-Directed Interview Options at AAJ
  6. Showcase Advertising Opportunities

1. Your Musician Profile: Improved!

If you missed our latest round of upgrades, click here.

We've enhanced your musician profile to include clinician information, an opportunity to list your gear and to embed a YouTube video.

CLINICIAN INFORMATION: Check the "Clinician?" box and enter your clinic information. We'll make this information searchable by geo region in the next round of updates. (Example)

EQUIPMENT: List your gear for the gearheads. (Example - scroll down past the bio)

YOUTUBE: Embed YouTube video tags so readers can view your videos direct from your profile page. (Example - scroll to the bottom of the page)

PROFESSIONALISM COUNTS: Please make your profile look professional. This means using mixed case text, not entering "see website" in your bio box, including reasonably sized images or ensuring the images links are not broken. Include as much information as possible on your profile; you might be making your first impression. See our profile tips for instructions on how to make your profile look its best.

MULTI-EDITOR SUPPORT: Your profile can be maintained by a third party, like a family member, friend, manager or publicist. However, to become your profile editor, this third paty must click the "Become a [Your Name] Editor" link at the bottom of your profile. We'll assign them access to your profile upon verification. (Example - scroll to the bottom of the page)

2. Feature one of your MP3s at AAJ

Freely participate in AAJ's Download of the Day program and raise the awareness of your latest release. Several of the top tracks from 2007 topped 6,000 downloads, so exposure is the best you'll find on the web. Make an MP3 available now.

3. All About Jazz News Center Upgrade

All About Jazz has made the following improvements to our free news service:

  • Enter your name on our revised news announcement submission form and we'll auto-insert your bio photo, calendar and website URL into your published announcement.

  • Readers can now "digg" news items which makes them available to a growing Digg community at digg.com

  • The new "comments" feature allows you to append information to an existing news announcement.
Submit a news item.

4. AAJ Start Page for Pros

All About Jazz's new JAZZ PRO page is loaded with links to important pages at AAJ and elsewhere around the jazz web.

Quickly access published content, the AAJ editorial calendar, industry listings, the news submission form, internal searches, and links to external jazz sites that you frequently visit—all from one convenient page.

Visit and bookmark pro.allaboutjazz.com.

5. Self-Directed Interview Options at AAJ

Take advantage of All About Jazz's (free) self-directed interview features and further raise the awareness of your music and your career.

Play it straight with your Take Five answers or play around with your In Ten answers.

These two features allow you the flexibility to select and answer questions and give readers an opportunity to learn more about you.

6. Showcase Advertising Opportunities

Looking to get the word out about your new release? Our cost effective Showcase service can help. Click here for the details.

As always, we welcome your ideas and input. As AAJ continues to grow and reach more readers, your support becomes even more and more important.

Thanks for reading!
Michael Ricci

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