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January 2004

Ken Dryden By

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Several different readers, who didn’t always include their names, provided the following updates to earlier columns:

An unknown reader sent in this update:

In an answer to Jill Kotchon in your September column on the all about jazz website, you said that the Columbia recording Bob Brookmeyer and Friends was never released on CD. In fact it has been released in Europe on CD. I have a Dutch/French version, "Jazzotheque", COL 468413 2 I got in Tower Records in NYC at the time of release. People who seek out this CD should be warned that the mixing has been changed from the LP issue so that Elvin Jones' drums are mixed way up front and center, and this doesn't sound that great. I will hazard the opinion that maybe he wasn't the right drummer for this date. The record is great anyway.

Dave Binder provided this update:

For the chap who was looking for Parallel Realities Live in your December installment, you should know that (as you said) it is a bootleg, it was issued by a bogus German company called Jazz Door. It is actually just an audio extraction from a DVD that is readily available around the world, ‘Parallel Realities Live at the Melon Jazz Festival (1990)’ - DeJohnette/Holland/Hancock/Metheny. You might want to suggest (a) that the person looking for this pick up the DVD, which is very reasonably priced, and (b) if they have the technology, as I have, they can extract the audio portion into wave files so that they can burn an audio CD (it would be 2CD) for their car, Discman, etc; when they can't be at home to watch it. Note the sound and performance are stellar.

Several readers wrote about the following title:

One of your readers asked in November about the Kenton Christmas album, and you said you didn't think it was ever issued on CD. If they meant Kenton's "A Merry Christmas", it's easily available on the Blue Note Records website, the Collector's Choice Music website, and probably many others. It is Capitol 72435846462. It also includes a bonus track, "What is a Santa Claus"(Kenton narration), and Maynard Ferguson's ‘Christmas for Moderns.’

Erik R. Quick, Esquire of Gaithersburg, MD wrote:

There is (or at least was) a CD is CD called "Umpteen Trombones" (across the cover up the slide) by Urbie Green. It was released on CD in 1987 by Project 3 Records (PRD 5014, DIDX 1772), 200 W. 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. The CD information is limited and does not delineate a recording date but does state that the original title was "Twenty-One Trombones". Of course, there are 21 trombonists listed.

Eric Scott Reed wrote:

Someone asked about a CD called Elmo Hope: Jazz on Rikers Island. You mentioned that this title was originally released as Sounds from Riker's Island on an Audiofidelity LP and was reissued in 1980 by Chiaroscuro on LP as Hope From Riker's Island.

A Japanese-based company called Century Records re-released "Sounds from Rikers Island" on CD (more than likely as a bootleg) in 1988, of which I have a copy. To my knowledge, this date was not recorded "live" (nor dead; in other words, there is no clapping apparent on the recording). Also, according to Elmo Hope's widow, Bertha, the recording was not actually made at the prison; the title suggests that these were a group of cats who all served time there: (from the original liner notes) "...those who have had to divide their energy and spirit between music and such exacerbating preoccupations as addiction or other conflicts with societal norms which have brought them for varying periods of time to Rikers Island and similar waystops."

Rich Barrie from Spokane, WA wrote:

This is not a question but a likely resolution to question submitted by David Hensley to your April 2002 Ask Ken column. Sidney Bechet's rendition of the melody from the song "Deep River" actually was done on the selection titled "Dear Old Southland" (Creamer/Layton). It can be found on cut one of side two of the Riverside 33 1/3 L/P RLP 149 "Riverside Jazz Archives" 1961. Source of the original recording was from the Rudi Blesh broadcast series "This Is Jazz" and occurred on July 12,1947. Along with Bechet on the recording on that date are various prominent jazz performers of the time who happened to be in NY on the day of broadcast.

Happily, this Bechet version is available today, reissued this time on the George Buck Jazzology label JCD 1035/36..."This Is Jazz: Complete Broadcasts Volume Six...a two CD set. This reissue was released in 2000. Buck's website is and the CD's are ordered out of and shipped from New Orleans. Hope this has been of help. It's an interesting version of the number and performed in three different tempos. Just came across the All About Jazz website tonight. Acquired the Riverside LP around 1962 while a student at U of W Seattle and still play it today. Great record!


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