James Hall More: Than Just a Trombone

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This show features an interview with trombonist James Hall where we discuss his new album Lattice which is out on Outside in Music as well as other hot topics. We also follow the theme of good music so expect to hear all types of jazz featuring the likes of Miles Davis and Chick Corea


  • Chick Corea & Steve Gadd "Chick's Chums" from Chinese Butterfly (Decca) 0:00
  • Danny Green Trio "Snowy Day In Boston" fromOne Day It Will (OA2) 11:23
  • Fred Hersch "Newklypso (For Sonny Rollins)" from Live in Europe (Palmetto) 17:37
  • James Hall "Traveler" from Lattice (Outside in Music) 26:11
  • Miles Davis "Rubber Band of Life" from Single (Blue Note) 32:23
  • Raoul Bjorkenheim & Juhani Aaltonen "Awakening" from Awakening (Eclipse) 39.15
  • Lello Molinari "Jazz Tarantella" from Lello's Italian Job Volume 2 (Fata Morgan) 49:47
  • Dee Lucas "Road Warrior" from EP Collection, Vol. 1: The Sweet Spot (ODL Music) 56:22
  • Interview with James Hall and music from Lettice 59:57
  • Charlie Ballantine "She Belongs to Me" from Life is Belief; The Music of Bob Dylan (Green Mind) 1:33:55
  • Lello Molinari "I Pini Di Roma" from Lello's Italian Job Volume 2 (Fata Morgan) 1:38:12
  • James Hall "Kind Folk" from Lattice (Outside in Music) 1:44:31
  • Raoul Björkenheim & Juhani Aaltonen "Into Light" from Awakening (Eclipse) 1:51:10
  • Dave Gisler Trio "Dive" from Rabbits on the Run (Intakt) 1:58:13
  • Yelena Eckemoff Quartet "Dance" from Desert (Self Produced) 2:03:55
  • Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco "The Things I Used to Do" from You're Driving Me Crazy (Sony Legacy) 2:10:25
  • Danny Green Trio "November Reveries" from One Day It Will (OA2) 2:16:24
  • Unknown "Please Tell Me Your Name" from Promo (Self Produced) 2:21:43
  • Miles Davis "Rubber Band of Life" from Single (Blue Note) 2:26:22


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