Andrea Centazzo / Henry Kaiser: Infinity Squared


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Nigh three decades are flown since these two weird brothers met and they recreate some of their own internal thunder, lightning and hailstorms here. Italian percussionist straordinario Andrea Centazzo has deepened his fascination with tintinnabulatory trinkets, sonic booms and visual-media outings (lost here), while guitar bad boy and madcap collaborator Henry Kaiser has honed yet broadened his cultural horizons (a celebrated series with Malagasy musicians) and unbridled explorations of plectra. These guys set each other off like sodium and chloride, splitting from simple table salt into dangerously electrified ions.

"Pots whirrs with whizzing fantasies of light. "White House Madness echoes strange voices in distant rooms before nervous rock vamps kick in. The various "Infinity tracks tap into their cosmos: "II whips out backward tapes, synth chimes, guitar drones, ostinato and wailing shreds; "IV unwinds as a slow, skanky blues with seriously warped guitar and a relatively mellow vibes solo. "Metallic Ballad jangles clunkingly for junkyard dogs—with an Yma Sumac vocal cameo. Centazzo comes closest here to recapturing the jingle-jangle zany fun-and-games from a 1980 three-LP Ictus set. The go-go climax smacks of dazzling arena rock, mit schmaltz.

Track Listing: Infinity Squared I; The 99 Cents Pot Experience; White (House) Madness; Infinity Squared II; Infinity Squared III; A Similar Thang; Infinity Squared IV; Floors; Infinity Squared; External Current Anew; Metallic Ballad; The Real Beginning; Conspicuous End.

Personnel: Andrea Centazzo: percussion; Henry Kaiser: guitar.

Title: Infinity Squared | Year Released: 2007 | Record Label: Ictus Records

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