In search of good jazz radio. What's your favorite station?

In search of good jazz radio. What's your favorite station?
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Thanks to emerging technologies, music discovery options have grown over the last decade: From streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube, to music mapping options found at Amazon, to apps, to websites like All About Jazz—they all assist us in our mission to find new music.

Despite all of the music discovery possibilities, however, radio still plays an important role for many of us. Not long ago, you'd hear a new tune in your car, and if you liked it, you'd wait for the host to announce the band/track title/album name, you'd jot down the information, then you'd purchase the album.

One factor limiting jazz album sales, in particular new releases, is the lack of adequate radio support. For instance, I can count on one hand the number of times I've heard music released on Origin Records, locally, through the internet, or via satellite. Many terrestrial stations program music that's 50-60 years old. And I am totally underwhelmed by what I hear on SiriusXM.

I'm a fan looking for good jazz radio, and I was wondering if you have a favorite station or program. Please share the station call letters (e.g. WRTI-FM 90.1), the city (if not syndicated), and any other relevant information including how often you tune in, station format, HD1 vs HD2, where you listen most, etc.

Feel free to include terrestrial, digital, satellite, or internet stations. Thanks for your input!


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