How Are We Doing?

How Are We Doing?
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We made several structural improvements to All About Jazz and Jazz Near You in 2014 which opened the door to a whole host of opportunities in 2015. One in particular is the new on demand jazz event calendar feature that you can access from anywhere at either site (click the blue button lower right corner).

We spent the last two decades steadily improving All About Jazz and we have lots of new features and services in store as we celebrate our 20th anniversary online.

We listen to you, our readers, and we value your feedback. We've implemented many of your ideas over the years—some of which arrived via our suggestion box while others were emailed to me directly. We've appreciated them all and All About Jazz is a better website as a result. So, thank you and keep the suggestions coming!

Which brings us to the question: How are we doing?

We've reinvented All About Jazz a dozen times over since 1995 and we launched Jazz Near You in 2012. We constantly improve all facets of our platform with the longstanding goal of developing promotional tools for jazz musicians while entertaining and informing our readers.

Though there are no shortage of ideas coming from the boys and girls down in R&D, we'd really like to hear from you. Your insight will help shape the future of All About Jazz and Jazz Near You for years to come.

If you're a reader, musician, or industry insider and have a suggestion, please submit it here or post it to the comments section below and we'll discuss it in an open forum.


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