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Help Us Keep All About Jazz Going Strong!

Help Us Keep All About Jazz Going Strong!
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Think about it. How many times have you visited the All About Jazz website over the past year? How many times has AAJ turned you on to a recording or a new or overlooked artist? How many times have you read an AAJ review, clicked on AAJ for quick background on an artist, or exchanged thoughts with fellow jazz fans and musicians through the AAJ online community?

Now is the time to show your support.

You don't become the world's leading jazz site without a little help from your friends. And to put it simply, AAJ needs your help. Currently, we do not have the financial resources to expand the site to meet our goals. You see, while AAJ is proud to have a host of advertisers, the ads you that you see only pay a fraction of our rate or our recurring costs. But with the proper funding and a contribution from you, AAJ can continue to build on its award-winning platform and remain true to our mission.

With a modest contribution, you can help us maintain, develop and improve our resources for all jazz fans to enjoy. These include new developments like free mobile apps, a more robust jazz events calendar, and more of the engaging, in-depth jazz news content you've come to expect from All About Jazz. In addition, we have new projects in the works like a reader's poll, an exclusive jazz-story-of-the-week podcast and a whole new jazz video section.
Your financial support will improve our infrastructure, one that needs to increase in capacity as we develop more services and attract more readers.

Your support will allow us to invest in security. As a popular website, we are the target of hackers and it requires financial and human resources to prevent them from damaging our website.

Your support will make the AAJ site more interactive, more entertaining and more educational.

Just as important, your support will help us maintain and strengthen all the features and content that have made All About Jazz so great for so many years.
All About Jazz—a bona fide jazz success story

As the leading advocacy site for jazz, AAJ is easily the most reliable destination for jazz on the web, and it's been that way for well over a decade. While many jazz sites have come and gone, we keep forging ahead.

All About Jazz consists of technologists and journalists who have the vitality, the expertise and the vision to make our site one of the best music websites in the world. With 15 years under our belt, we stay current with technology and we understand what it takes to help musicians while entertaining and educating our readers. We reach nearly one million readers a month, our rank is an eye-popping 22,000, we've won the Jazz Journalist Association "Best Website" Award for nine consecutive years, and our Google page rank is seven. In the jazz world, we're in a league of our own.

The jazz musician's partner, promoter and advocate

AAJ's commitment to jazz musicians has been well documented over the years (read their comments here), and our plans are to further expand our offerings to help them sell their music and promote their live performances. We are in a unique position to help the music makers, and you can help us help them by supporting All About Jazz.

Make a donation today.

Show your appreciation for All About Jazz and make a contribution of $20 today. Your support will allow All About Jazz to take a major step forward, help us continue to build a greater community by connecting jazz fans, jazz events and jazz musicians worldwide, and ensure that we'll be around for years to come. Together, we can make AAJ the most dynamic, informative and forward-thinking jazz website in the world. And that's good for jazz.

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