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Help All About Jazz Support Jazz
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Dear friends,

All About Jazz has been a leading advocate for jazz music since 1995. Longtime readers have watched us continuously transform our website over the past 18 years, keeping the spirit of the music firmly in mind along the way. We've also done our best to keep pace with technology while finding new and creative ways to report on jazz daily. And we're proud to provide musicians with a free global platform to publicize themselves (and their activities) to our ever-growing audience.

As a small business (one employee to be exact), I've provided the sole source of funding to keep AAJ moving forward and what we have done to date with limited financial resources and a modest staff of volunteers is truly remarkable.

But for AAJ (and now Jazz Near You) to fully sustain itself, we will need your support.

2012 saw the most significant advancements as we improved All About Jazz from top to bottom. Last year also marked the launch of Jazz Near You, a network of nearly 250 jazz event websites. In 2013, we built on what we started by launching the free Jazz Near You app and activating communities in each city with the purpose of promoting live jazz.

Grand plans take time, effort and support... from everyone.

Though we work with a handful of advertising networks to offset our costs, the lack of consistent operating revenue has severely limited our ability to grow and as a result, has hindered our ability to fully support the music we all know and love. But that can change with your help.

You can help us upgrade our infrastructure and improve our service by making a donation: from $5 to $500... whatever you can afford is greatly appreciated.

Your contribution will directly fund any of the following projects:

  • Continued All About Jazz and Jazz Near You improvements;
  • A faster, more responsive website;
  • Jazz Near You community development;
  • Jazz Near You event aggregation;
  • Jazz Musicians Community Awards;
  • Cross-platform Jazz Near You app;
  • Streaming concerts;
  • Jazz teachers database.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you for years to come!

Michael Ricci,
Founder, All About Jazz and Jazz Near You


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