Great new albums - mostly from Canada

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A selection of six new releases this time.... the majority of which are fine examples of a rich Canadian jazz scene

Italian Guitarist Renato Podestà with his first album as a band leader with music inspired by New Orleans music tradition and the contemporary New York scene.

Ottawa pianist Peter Hum with an all-star Canadian sextet of long-time friends, making modern mainstream jazz

Ernesto Cervini's new Tetrahedron quartet, a potent Canada meets the US line-up

The fifth album from the Emie R Roussel Trio—-a band that has become an unstoppable force on the Canadian jazz scene

The ambitious debut album from the Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra, a 19-piece contemporary big band involving some of the finest performers, composers and arrangers from the Greater Toronto Area.

And from the USA, new music from Dave Douglas featuring guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, bassist Melvin Gibbs, bass, and drummer Sim Cain.


  • Renato Podestà "Five" from Foolish Little Dreams (Irma Records) 00:00
  • Peter Hum "Crises and Reckonings" from Ordinary Heroes (Self Released) 06:43
  • Ernesto Cervini "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise" from Tetrahedron (Anzic Records) 12:40
  • Emie R Roussel "Yatse Club" from Rythme De Passage (UNI musicq) 18:00
  • Dave Douglas "Parables" from Marching Music (Greenleaf) 25:41
  • Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra "Part II. Ready Aye Ready" from Windward Bound (Self Produced) 33:28
  • Renato Podestà "Butch and Butch" from Foolish Little Dreams (Irma Records) 40:49
  • Peter Hum "Safe Passage" from Ordinary Heroes (Self Released) 45:54
  • Ernesto Cervini "Wandering" from Tetrahedron (Anzic Records) 55:44
  • Emie R Roussel "Maltagliati" from Rythme De Passage (UNI musicq) 1:00:35
  • Dave Douglas "Foley Square" from Marching Music (Greenleaf) 1:06:43
  • Ernesto Cervini "Stro" from Tetrahedron (Anzic Records) 1:14:00
  • Dennis Kwok Jazz Orchestra "Part IV. The Tempest" from Windward Bound (Self Produced) 1:21:45
  • Peter Hum "Rabble Rouser" from Ordinary Heroes (Self Released) 1:31:21
  • Emie R Roussel "Loners" from Rythme De Passage (UNI musicq) 1:41:59
  • Renato Podestà "Heartbeat Sweet" from Foolish Little Dreams (Irma Records) 1:49:10
  • Dave Douglas "Persistent Hats" from Marching Music (Greenleaf) 1:55:03


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