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Date: 19-Dec-1998 03:30:39
From: Reid ( rtt5@gte.net )
I second Scott's recommendation of John Mclaughlin's Extrapolation. The music is really hard to classify, but it swings hard, and the tunes flow nicely together. This is one of my all-time favorites, and I'm not a big Mclaughlin fan.

I also second Bern Nix's Alarms and Excursions. Nix was Ornette's guitarist in the Prime Time band, but don't let the title mislead you. We're not talking distorted guitar here. The album how melodic and grooving "free jazz" can be.

Here are some albums that show how good mainstream jazz can be when it's mixed wiht fusion influences:

Michael Brecker's self-titled for Impulse! Rick Margitza's Hope Steve Masakowski What It Was

Some favorite post-70's fusion:

Wayne Shorter's stuff: Atlantis, Phantom Navigator and High Life. He's still writing great tunes.

Wayne Krantz—Two Drink Minimum. A guitarist who eschews distortion, but combines rock power with story-telling approach to solos

For a more straight-ahead approach: Bobby Watson and Horizon- on bluenote or his live album for Columbia, Midwest Shuffle Andrew Hill—he takes what Monk did, and does his own thing with it

Date: 19-Dec-1998 08:51:52
From: Peter S. ( soks823@aol.com )
Wayne Krantz "2 Drink Minimum" is a phenomenal album! I'm glad somebody out there recognized it and wrote in. And while we're on the subject of John McLaughlin, what about "Birds of Fire" by the Mahavishnu Orchestra? This is tops as far as jazz-fusion, and where else do you get to hear songs in 15/16 time?

Date: 22-Dec-1998 02:06:41
From: Peter Kenyon ( kenyonp@cbs.curtin.edu.au )
Hmm, difficult, but here goes. These end often up in my CD player, but they are not household albums: Blue Mitchell: Down With It Donald Byrd: Mustang Lee Morgan: Cornbread, Search for the New Land, Candy; Herbie Hancock: The Prisoner Jackie McLean, New Soil, Destination Out; Joe Henderson: Page One Manhattan Jazz Quartet: Funk Strut ... gosh there are lots, not the least a lot of local Aussie jazz which is released on small or independent labels, but which never get to the major markets. Any one want to hear about some of this? Peter

Date: 22-Dec-1998 21:00:59
From: fred stark
I wanted to add to the discussion. No one has mentioned three albums that are truly great.

"Members Don't Get Weary" by Max Roach on Atlantic (currently out of print) "Live at Slugs" by Music Inc. (Charles Tolliver and Stanley Cowell) on Strata East "Song for Biko" by the late, great bassist Johnny Dyani on SteepleChase

Date: 26-Dec-1998 12:40:17
From: rob d steel ( captain.aspirin@virgin.net )
Here's one that haunts me from 40 years ago.Odds against tomorrow by M.J.Q.I only have it on video soundtrack-poor quality and incomplete.Can anyone help me locate a copy cd or vinyl new or used,I'm in the U.K.and all doors seem to be closed.Help, I really have to get this album,you know how it is,don't you?Thanks Rob.

Date: 29-Dec-1998 07:34:27
From: Wolfgang Kuhnle ( wkuhnle@hotmail.com )
Kenny Wheeler: Angel Music is the top choice, and Charlie Haden & Keny Barron: Night and the City is in the same vein, smooth jazz, but you never get the feeling that you have wasted your money buying these specific records. For more comments, go to my web site http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/3254 and then click on the link "Recent Acquisitions."

Date: 30-Dec-1998 06:38:39
From: estefania ( estefania_100@yahoo.com )
Hey thanks to all of you. I have read all the comments and i found out a lot of interesting things about jazz and its so great to find all of you who have a pasion for jazz. I will go out and look for lee morgan's "cornbread" and "candY." I will also search for cannonball adderley's "country preacher" which sounds like something i'd like, chick corea's "now he sings, now he sobs" and lucky thompson's "lucky strikes." I appreciate all of the knowledge that I found here. I'll be back thanks to all

Date: 03-Jan-1999 08:49:33
From: Israel Waldrop ( esroh@juno.com )
There are several great LP's that Dizzy Gillespie recorded for Verve and Philips in the early 60's which are very underated due to the fact that they have'nt been reissued on CD. These include: An Electifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet (which I miraculously found at a used record shop for $3!!), Dizzy on the French Riviera, and New Wave.

Here's what Scott Yanow of the *All Music Guide to Jazz* has to say about New Wave: "it is such a pity that Dizzy Gillespie Philip's LPs have yet to be reissued on CD, for the trumpeter (45 at the time of this recording)was at the peak of his powers in the early 60's."

As we all know, Dizzy Gillespie was one of the most beloved jazz musicians/personalities and one of America's most renowned artists. If only those big record labels would take a hint and take on the project of reissuing these LP's they would not only realize how satisfied jazz enthusiasts would be but also make huge profits.


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