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Great, but obscure albums to purchase

AAJ Staff By

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#4-Billie Holliday- Songs for Distingue Lovers —>I'm a bit of an audiophile so the cracks and pops of Billie's old stuff don't really appeal to me but with this Verve Master Edition you can really hear the power Billie held in her chest.. Ben Webster on sax..

#5-Ben Webster- Anything —>If you're any kind of tenor sax phone and don't yet have any webster in your collection you need a good shake. Don't walk, run to your record store and check him out. his appearance on Sweets Edison's Gee Baby ain't I good to you is worth honorable mention.

That's probably my top 5... there's more I just can't remember em' all... if anybody actually reads this.. let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for me to check out i am always listening to as much new jazz as I can.. drop me a line.. fetish_guy@canada.com

Date: 18-Jun-2001 06:32:04
From: Jwilliams50 ( jbwau@yahoo.com )
John Coltrane/'Sun ship' AND 'Crescent' Ornette Coleman/'The Complete Science Fiction Sessions' Tomasz Stanko/'Leosia' AND 'From the Green Hill' Bill Frisell/'Blues Dream' Andrew Hill/'Point of Departure'RVG Wayne Shorter/'The All Seeing Eye' RVG Thelonious Monk/'Brilliant Corners' Lee Morgan/'Live at the Lighthouse' McCoy Tyner/'The Real McCoy' RVG Art Blakey/ 'At The Jazz Corner of the World' Miles Davis/'Miles Smiles' Charles Mingus/'Mingus at Antibes' John Zorn/'Masada:Live in Middleheim AND 'The Circle Maker' AND 'Bar Kokhba' Sonny Clark/'Cool Struttin' RVG Sonny Rollins/'Night at the Village Vanguard' RVG Eric Dolphy/'Out To Lunch' RVG

Date: 30-Jul-2001 20:37:19
From: roger
JAZZ IN FILM—Terence Blanchard is one of the most beautiful jazz albums I've listened to in recent times. Great music more than boring long solos. AMSTERDAM AFTER DARK—George Coleman great line-up;sadly overlooked...well aren't we talkin' 'bout obscurities?

Date: 20-Aug-2001 20:14:35
From: Harry Walker ( hwalker3@ceoexpress.com )
Many of my favorites are obsure.

Clifford Jordan, "In My World," with Don Cherry, Kenny Dorham, Wynton Kelly, Julian Priester, Richard Davis on Strata East. Vienna is my favorite tune ever.

Richard Davis "Epistrophy" with Joe Bonner, Clifford Jordan and Hannibal Peterson on Muse.

Most of Andrew Hill but especially Shades and Eternal Spirit

Lee Morgan's masterpiece "Leeway" with McLean, BT, PC and Blakey

Most of Archie Shepp but especially "Blase" with Jeanne Lee on Acutel

Jimmy Lyons, "Other Afternoons" on Actuel

Billy Harper, "Somalia," best record I have heard in last ten years, easily.

Freddie Redd, "Shades of Redd," Blue Note with Tina Brooks and Jackie McLean—unbelievable!

Otherwise, I am surprised at the amount of overlap in taste with other commentators.


Date: 24-Aug-2001 08:01:15
From: Eddie
"Standards" by Sonny Clark, great piano trio album by a much underrated musician. And "On Stage" a Bill Perkins small big band recording with many West Coast greats. Perkins primarily plays tenor, but also alto & flute etc. A third obscure but great recording is "String Fever" by the master of all jazz guitarists Chuck Wayne. Sextet & big band with Eddie Costa & Don Joseph.

Date: 16-Sep-2001 10:40:44
From: kathryn ( kathrynmorrison@blazemail.com )
just thought i would add coltrane's africa/brass sessions. great list!!

Date: 04-Oct-2001 09:08:37
From: Coypu ( coypu@spray.se )
Is everyone here over 50 years old? (Take no offence I mean no harm) Most album which you seem to consider obscure can also be refered to as lame. Miles Davis != Obscure, there are many other examples, you guys seem fail to understand the great deal of experimental bands that are out there which should receive more praise for the groundbraking music they do rather than praise the same old bands over and over (John MacLaughlin still deserves praise... )Just check out Gorguts—Obscura, yes the album title is a perfect description of the music!

SO follow my advice all of you who feel that Miles Davis is a ground-breaking experimentalst, Get hold of the music which takes Tehcnical music and mixes it with some of the most extreme stuff.

Some of you might be familiar with Watchtower, take that sound and do it more technical, faster, extremer and some reallt raw angry vocals and you'll have the new generation of fusion-death: Gorguts, Atheist, Cynic, Meshuggah, Theory In Practice and Cryptopsy.

Wake up!

Date: 04-Oct-2001 12:47:32
From: Ron
Wake up to that music? Imagine you had a serious head injury and then you tried to sleep but your dreams kept drifting into nightmares.

Date: 07-Oct-2001 18:30:57
From: Coypu ( coypu@spray.se )
Have you even heard it? People fear the uknown but once they find the truth they find out that it was wrong burning witches for example, same with death metal everybody hates it, nobodys heard it.

And i wasn't even talking about death metal i was talking about Jazz-Fusion-Death which is a HUGE difference!


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