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Great, but obscure albums to purchase

AAJ Staff By

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Date: 23-Jul-2000 17:01:31
From: Martini
1. Peter Brotzmann "Machine Gun" 2. Ornette Coleman "Free Jazz" 3. Anthony Braxton "19 (Solo compositions) 1988" 4. Anthony Braxton "Creative Music Orchestra" (aka Comp 25) 5. Miles Davis "Big Fun" 6. John Coltrane "Live in Seattle" 7. Albert Ayler "Live at Slugs Vol 1 & 2" 8. Sun Ra "Nothing Is" 9. Cecil Taylor "Live at the Monmarte" 10. Miles Davis "Bitches Brew"

Date: 05-Aug-2000 10:34:40
From: roger
Stan Getz Spring is here (Concord) Pepper Adams Encounter! (Prestige)with great Elvin Jones drumming and Zoot Sims blowing; Brandford Marsalis Trio Jeepy (CBS) Gene Harris Brotherhood (Concord) this music is real fun There will be thousand more "obscure albums" worth having, these are just some of my favorite

Date: 05-Aug-2000 10:37:07
From: roger
I was forgetting Sonny Fortune's From Now On (Blue Note):great band and great tunes.Listen to his latest "In The Spirit of Trane " too.

Date: 22-Aug-2000 12:06:25
From: roger ( )
So many lost treasures...

BOOKER ERVIN "The Blues Book" (Prestige) texan tenor sax blows four different blues with passion and fire seldom heard.Impressive Carmell Jones on trumpet

OLIVER NELSON "Screamin'The Blues" (Prestige) Nelson was another underrated tenor saxophonist and capable composer. Here, with Eric Dolphy on alto is at his best.Reccommended music

Date: 04-Sep-2000 16:39:08
From: justin morse ( )
thelonius monk—underground. beautiful 3 dollar purchase.

Date: 13-Sep-2000 03:48:34
From: fred ( )
I hate to compare,and discuss (i prefer like than think) but i regret the general absence of Bud Powell, particularly the first albums in 1947-1953. For the rest, I let you write, your tastes have my inconditional agree.

Date: 13-Sep-2000 12:39:17
From: Paul ( )
BILLY COBHAM, not Spectrum, which everyone talks about but is unlistenable, Crosswinds and Total Eclipse (early 70's) with Brecker brothers and John Abercrombie are truelly wonderfull CDs and have just been released on wounded bird records

listen to 'the moon aint made of green cheese' on Total Eclipse and tell me these aren't lost treasures

Date: 13-Sep-2000 13:54:25
From: Brent Vaughan
I'd like to put in my two-cents worth. MAYNARD FERGUSON "M.F. HORN 4 & 5, LIVE AT JIMMY'S" This album is incredible! Maynard at it's best. Ferd- inand Povel is an absolute monster and as good a sideman as Maynard ever had.

PETE CHRISTLIEB/WARNE MARSH QUINTET "APOGEE" People who know this album wonder why it's not available. I found it on cassette about ten years ago for $1.49 and it's worth to me is invaluable. Warne Marsh is a very much underrated figure in jazz history. Great music and well worth the search.

SAM RIVERS "FUSCHIA SWING SONG" Blue Note has really dropped the ball in not re-releasing this one. With Jaki Byard, Ron Carter and a young Anthony Williams (Tony!) Rivers blows the shit out of the tenor! I've got a real crappy copy on cassette which has since made it's way onto MiniDisc. Please Blue Note, put this one out!

TUBBY HAYES "THE NEW YORK SESSIONS" I'm so glad I saw this one posted earlier. This is up- tempo bop at it's finest and the best Tubby album I've heard yet. I had this one stolen (a thief with good taste!) and have been searching since. Keep your eyes peeled! I AM!!!

JOE FARRELL "SKATEBOARD PARK" This is a great tenor-quartet blowing date with Chick Corea. "Speak Low" is especially great. Once again, this is another example of a label being irresponsible in not keeping it's catalogue up to proper levels. (Xanadu)

DMITRI'S SILVERWARE If anyone has a copy of this PLEASE POST HOW I MIGHT REACH YOU!!!!!!!!! This is a big band made up of all the heavy studio players of the early-80's with all the arrangements written by tenor-man Tom Kubis (who has also released some great albums under his own name.) Just a typical kick-ass L.A. big band album. Please help!

Date: 04-Oct-2000 23:23:31
From: Hannah
Joël Dilley—River of Hope

I love this album! Dilley is bassist/composer/producer. This album is incredibly personal it is universal. Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and standard jazz influences. I think you can get it a or

Date: 20-Nov-2000 02:47:12
From: Ville Sahlakari ( )

This is pretty hard, since there are many good records. Well, here's some of the best, in my opinion :

John Stevens & Evan Parker : The Longest Night vol 2. (OGUN)

Exellent interplay, very energetic and natural sounding. Stevens does miracles even with a snare and couple of cymbals.

Kenny Wheeler : A Widow In the Window (ECM)

One of the true masterpieces of modern european jazz. Exellent compositions, improvisations and playing from the beginning to the end.

Edward Vesala : Satu (ECM)

One of Edward's best albums. Great compositions and a suberb band.

Don Cherry : Complete Communion (BLUE NOTE)

Incredible swing and most intelligent playing. What a combination!


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