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Great, but obscure albums to purchase

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Date: 17-Nov-1999 23:55:35
From: Biskit ( )
My 10 or so: Dave Holland—Conference of the Birds I am more of a Coltrane and classics fan, but this is one of my all-time favorites Keith Jarrett—Facing You He is out of fashion and sometimes a jerk and released too many albums, but this is a good one. Mingus Changes One This is not maybe his most classic, but it moves. Bobby Timmons Easy Does It with Sam Jones and Jimmy Cobb, underrated Parker, Powell, Gillespie, Mingus, Roach—Greatest Jazz Concert Ever Maybe not greatest ever, but damn close. Art Blakey Moanin' Great Lee Morgan playing, title track never leaves my head. Jaki Byard The Jaki Byard Experience This is a great record, Roland Kirk is fantastic. The first cut takes off. This is a flat out great record, obscure or not. Ornette Coleman—The Shape of Jazz to Come Lonely Woman is so haunting. This is a usual suspect, but how many people really listen to it. Re-check it out. What was once considered unlistenable now sounds almost like great old standards. Ornette—The Art of the Improvisers—Another usual suspect, but for good reason. Ornette—Dancin' in My Head If ever there was an aptly named record Stanley Cowell—Illusion Suite Great piano stuff. Blues for the Viet Cong is another good title by him. Miles Davis—Facets Lesser known Miles, even has a good vocal number. Herbie Hancock—Maiden Voyage This was pretty standard stuff, but holds up over time. Elvin Jones—Genesis Best cut-out I ever purchased. Andrew Hill Black Fire Jan Garbarek—Belonging. My favorite European title. Arnie Lawrence—Look Toward a Dream This is the best most obscure record. Larry Coryell and Roy Haynes and it is good. John Coltrane—Giant Steps One of the most usual suspects still does it for me as does My Favorite Things Seems that there are lots of fusion fans on this list. I was just talking the other day that a Chick Corea Return to Forever concert with Bill Connors in Basel, Switzerland of all places, and a John McLaughlin Inner Mounting Flame era concert were among the best I ever heard and that no records ever come close to approximating the live performances I heard.

Date: 28-Nov-1999 14:02:34
From: Soozie
Out of all the Grant Green records I've heard over the past few years, and I've heard a lot of them, my favorites are:

IDLE MOMENTS with Joe Henderson, Duke Peason, Bobby Hutcherson, etc. This is superb!! Interesting instrumental mix & sound. Classy, sophisticated sound.

A straight ahead 2CD quartet set with the pianist Sonny Clark is a real showcase for both Grant Green and the always subtle Sonny Clark. It's called GRANT GREEN THE COMPLETE QUARTETS WITH SONNY CLARK.

And anything which has the great tenor Ike Quebec on it : the CDs that have Green, Clark, and Quebec on are heavenly. My favorites are: IKE QUEBEC-BLUE AND SENTIMENTAL; and GRANT GREEN- BORN TO BE BLUE.


Date: 10-Dec-1999 15:00:44
From: david sleet ( )
If you have heard or have "All Members" (pacific Jazz) with my brother, and trumpter DON SLEET (or any other with him like Lenny McBrown and 4 Souls)I would like to get a copy/buy a copy/make a CD? Can you help?

Date: 10-Dec-1999 15:02:50
From: david sleet ( )
If you have heard or have "All Members" (pacific Jazz) with my brother, and trumpter DON SLEET (or any other with him like Lenny McBrown and 4 Souls)I would like to get a copy/buy a copy/make a CD? Can you help?

Date: 27-Dec-1999 18:28:03
From: A music lover
There's a group outta Nashville called The Guy Smiley Blues Exchange- surprisingly fun jazz based in groove, funk, and improv. Lots of saxophones, incredible rhythm section, great tunes, full arrangements and sound. A breath of fresh air in a stagnant decade of jazz. Check 'em out.

Date: 30-Dec-1999 05:14:39
From: Alexander ( alx )
Keith Jarrett "Tokyo'96" Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" Pharoah Sanders "Cresent With Love"

Date: 26-Jan-2000 15:23:14
my ten are,and not necessary in this order;ole'-trane.; the great concert-mingus(the vinyl,the cd is the 1st day,the best performance was the issue on vinyl which was the 2nd day except for the cut with johnnie coles on it that cut was from the 1st day) (3.monk underground (4.yusef live at peps. (5. impressions-trane (6.mingus-monterey concert (7.raga marwa-the 40min.raga-ali akbar khan (8.kulu se mama-trane (9.2tenors-yusef & shepp.(10.mingus at antibes .i probably play these sides more than any others i have.

Date: 27-Jan-2000 01:39:05
From: Fred Jay ( )
I scrolled way down on the lists and was saddened by omissions. For pure listening pleasure, wonderful tone and originality without ever losing sight of the tune, it is BOOTS RANDOLPH, for listening that you remember and try to hum alone—but it never works for me unless i am listening. The best albumn is Sunday Sax (I exclude "Yackety Sax" from the above)..


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