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Jerry Heinz: Geneva Bay

Mark Corroto By

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Context. Today’s lesson revolves around the contextual relationship between musician and his environs. Place a musician on a horse, out West, and you get cowboy songs. An urban environment gives us a frenetic sound. Think about the birth of jazz, as the bluesmen moved into the cities, the thing was that swing. Give the musician a kilt and place him in the Scottish Highlands with a sheep’s bladder and, well, nobody can explain bagpipe music. Context is everything for guitarist Jerry Heinz. From his home, on the gorgeous Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, Heinz wrote the eight tracks of his second release. Schooled at the University of Miami, he uses Pat Methany as his jumping off point. If he plays a blues, as on “Deep Blue,” you know the motivation was the feel of the seasonal change from summer to fall or the capricious nature of “Candy Stripe” might have originated in a hunt for fireflies. Jerry Heinz exhibits joy in his music, not unlike the joy you’ve experienced, maybe after about a week on vacation. Back to context. From his slice of heaven, Jerry Heinz gives us the essence of Geneva Bay. I need a vacation. JH Records N1896 Hunt Club Ln. Geneva Lake, WI 53147.

Track List:Geneva Bay; Cabomba; Ceylon Swing; Deep Blue; You Were There; Candy Stripe; Legend Of Cisco; South Shore

Personnel: Jerry Heinz

Title: Geneva Bay | Year Released: 1999 | Record Label: JH Records


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