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The Fresh Sound New Talent recording label continues to deliver dynamic and progressive jazz by up and coming artists with a broad range of styles. Here are just a few of their more recent recordings.

Javier Vercher
Introducing The Javier Vercher Trio
Fresh Sound New Talent

This strong debut release by saxophonist Javier Vercher exudes genuine quality and reveals yet another stellar young player. Technically astute, Vercher graduated from the Joaquin Rodrigo Conservatory of Valencia in Spain with a degree in clarinet studies and has performed extensively in Spain and now in New York. Vercher's trio with Chris Higgins on bass and Brannen Temple on drums dish out eight tightly wound selections with mature and loose playing. The influences of Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane are evident but Vercher is honing his own voice with flavorful runs and growling tones with original free- jazz compositions. Highlights are plentiful from this edgy trio as well as two selections featuring rising pianist Robert Glasper which show the depth of the trio's abilities.

Russ Lossing
Phrase 6
Fresh Sound New Talent

Add Russ Lossing to the current list of jazz piano luminaries such as Jean-Michel Pilc, Jason Moran, and Frank Kimbrough., who deliver complex and progressive music. A veteran with a classical background, his new release shows discipline yet openness that challenges and engages the mind as well as the ear. The music is punctuated by the thundering lines of bassist Jon Hebert and insistent drumming by Jeff Williams that fit nicely with Lossing's interesting ideas. Lossing's playing is filled with exhausting and probing solos and the music for the most part plays around loose themes rather than straight melodies allowing the trio to freely intermingle. This is not your typical comfy piano trio but they do yield deep rewards for the progressive listener.

Jerome Sabbagh
Fresh Sound New Talent

Parisian born saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh seems to be on the right path to finding a distinct voice and style in his music. Since his move from France to New York the musician has been heavily involved with area musicians as a sideman and as leader of his own quartet. His new release is a refreshing statement with elements of mainstream, cultural, and original material that articulates his own musical language. Sabbagh plays with a warm tone filled with feeling and technical savvy and his quartet is equally balanced with drummer Ted Poor and bassist Joe Martin. But the performance by guitarist Ben Monder is simply outstanding with memorable solos and rhythm work. Some of the shining moments include the rural modernism of "The Hymn," the soothing flow of "Follow The Light," and the jazzy blues stroll of "Sick Leo" which totally rocks.

Giulia Valle Group
Fresh Sound New Talent

An active musician in the Barcelona jazz scene, lady bassist Giulia Valle proves she is a formidable talent on her debut as a leader. Born in Italy, studied in Paris, and now a resident in New York, she delivers solid bass work and pronounced compositional skills. Leading an equipped and accomplished quintet that includes two saxophones, piano, and rhythm section, the her group produces thoughtful and catchy performances. Valle's extensive travel, musical education, and diverse experience are translated in her music in random tones from the lovely melodic opener "Extraña Serenidad," rhythmic hypnotism of "Sunrise," or the baroque richness of "El Tragaluz." There's even a R&B Motown soul flavor on the closing piece "4 Your Love."

Carlos Michelini
Chacarera Below Zero
Fresh Sound New Talent

World-class reedist Carlos Michelini delivers broad view different styles (Latin, Argentinean, and American) combined into his own ideas. This result is a very urban yet ethnically rich recording. A formidable player with fresh ideas his music reflects influences from smooth to free jazz as he plays with fullness and empathy. His band is also excellent and includes notable young performers pianist Leonardo Genovese, guitarist Julio Santillan, and the ever tight rhythm section of bassist Santiago Greco and drummer Franco Pina. There are many surprises that include voice sampling, socially/politically charged messages, and complex orchestration on many pieces which proves Michelini has much to say.

Rick Parker Collective
New York Gravity
Fresh Sound New Talent

The New York trombonist/leader and his group could be labeled as modern cool. In his mid-twenties Parker has forged a very nice recording and critics have quoted his band as the "best-kept secret in New York..," With sharp writing the music is interesting, harmonious, and supported by a seminal group of young artists. The first five selections on the recording swing and groove with spicy horn arrangements and tempos and the last five are just as good with moments of creative energy on "On the Move" with touches of clarinet and Parker's warm trombone. The closing piece "10/31 At Dusk" is a personal favorite with its cool middle Eastern rhythm. 'Bone enthusiasts from JJ Johnson to Steve Turre, as well has those looking for some hip new sounds should definitely take a look


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