Abby Rabinovitz: Flute/World

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It doesn’t take long to realize that Abby Rabinovitz is a well-educated musician. In fact she’s a Fulbright scholar who also studied with the renowned flutist, Pandit Harisprasad Chaurasia. Tours in India, recordings with the “Klezmer Conservatory Band” and stints at the “Southern Thailand Jazz and Blues Festival” are worth mentioning here as Ms. Rabinovitz is a world class flutist who possesses an expansive knowledge of ethnocentric musical concepts emanating from the Balkans, Middle East and India. A crafty composer, Ms Rabinovitz along with noteworthy support which, includes the revered percussionist drummer and educator Bob Moses and others has carved out a simply delightful recording which crosses genres in seamless albeit graceful fashion.

Compositions such as “Conor Rides The Trains” flirt with chamber music and Middle Eastern folk yet are generally ebullient and frisky as the ensemble work is top notch. In true artistic fashion, Ms Rabinovitz draws inspiration from life’s experiences and past incidents, which serve as a foundation for her writing and performances. “The Runaway Freylekhs” features Balkan motifs, shifting meter and well-stated themes under the direction of Ms Rabinovitz’ outstanding performances on flute, as she articulates clear concise notes with all the intensity of a whirling dervish or exhibits moments of restraint featuring soft, sonorous phrasing. On this piece there is some genuinely upbeat interplay between Ms Rabinovitz, violinist Mimi Rabson and a peppery accordion solo by Evan Harlan. Drummer Bob Moses lends a hand or two on “As The Spirit Moves”. Here, Ms Rabinovitz performing on alto flute engages in some captivating unison notes with Harlan’s cordial yet rapidly executed accordion phraseology. Ms Rabinovitz does a splendid job of integrating mystical or spiritual passages with worldbeat rhythms yet the compositions are positive and entertaining and not quite as “deep” as one may surmise. Ms. Rabinovitz pays homage to India along with Nishikant Sonwalkar (tabla) and Harriote Hurie (tambura) on her composition titled, “Indian Caravan”. A raga, Ms Rabinovitz’ devised this piece around Duke Ellington’s “Caravan”.... Now there’s a twist! As if there wasn’t enough diversity here, we are treated to a duet between Ms Rabinovitz who plays the ocarina while Bob Moses sits behind the drum kit. The proceedings are jazzed up a bit on “Iqbal’s Journey” as pianist Evan Harlan’s circular phrasing and huge block chords emit a sense of swing along with a smidgen of free jazz to counterbalance the catchy theme and North African overtones.

Flute/World is an interesting and dare we say, - multidimensional – affair! There’s a good mix here – which should satisfy the appetites of many! A fine recording with quite a few subtleties along with rapid development and tons of melody which borders eastern modal and Western style harmonies. Recommended! * * * *

For additional information contact: Abby Rabinovitz: Email; flutestory@aol.com or Robert Singerman” Email; robertsingerman@yahoo.com

| Record Label: Sound/Mirror | Style: Modern Jazz


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