Flowing Energy


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Flowing Energy

Messages thru the wires
Our love conspires
To melt in the fires:
All time spent apart
Dissolving in the art,
Expression from the heart
Celebrating union
After decades apart.

A dream woven in the music
Illustrates the beauty in surrender
As rish notes accentuate
The flowing energy of love.

Complex hieroglyphics, those melodies
I watched you play—
Still trace your image
As the music sways.

The Range of Submission

Sitting in the shadows your image
Playing mellow horn, sweet sounds
That echo thru the blood stream
Passions of long ago, made active
With every tune as symbol of
The range of submission to
Oblivion thru flowing song
Remembering how we swayed together
Electrified in your arms.

Now searching thru the language
Love to bring you to my home.
A dream I can't abandon
For it lives in every tune;
The sense of flowing unity
Reflected in those songs.

As Joy Slides

Caught in the waves of infinite Space
Single moments like pearls flashing
Give a meaning to stars' brightness:
An end to our struggle for significance
Acknowledging the beauty in NOW
As a gift given every day
Mixed with memories priceless
Thru the transfer of melodies
To our love as an act of grace.

Thus joy slides thru the music
And I'll never forget your face
As I close my eyes and daydream
Tho denied the actual taste.

Recall Through Music

The first month in the long sweep
Which winter casts across our shore:
Days brief, strong cold winds
Ripping at stark branches
My only company, shared with memory
For the passion has blown away.

Everything disappearing
Save the recall thru music
Roaming thru the brain cells
Where memories of you play
Exquisitely rich harmonies.

Thus the love here to stay
Caught listening to beauty—
Makes it a perfect day
To thank you for the gift
Your love sent my way
To fill me with an awesome joy
Remembering how you played.


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