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Cool Vic, The Music Dick By

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Hi Cool Vic,

Remember The Mastersounds? The (three? four?) Montgomery brothers, including Wes, when they played 'Naptown. They cut a record in the '60s, something like Jazz Impressions of 'The King and I.' Incredible stuff. Has it been reissued on CD? I've been looking for it for years. (I note that Ahmad Jamal's Live at the Pershing has finally been reissued on CD. Cheap, too. I bought three: one for the house, one for the car and one for the office PC.)

- Ron Rodriguez

Another Double R...

There's more to Indianapolis than the 500. These Montogomery boys, born and raised, turned this town inside out and upside down in the '50s. Wes went on to influence many six stringers with his pickless technique while the forgotten Montgomery, Pervis, led a life of solitude. Actually, he owned an Esso gas station and gave me a complimentary G scale Esso truck (with swing doors). Heckuva guy. Now, back to your question... The King and I was the second recording released by the Mastersounds, comprised of vibraphonist Buddy Montgomery, pianist Richie Crabtree, bassist Monk Montgomery, and drummer Benny Barth. Released in 1959 on the World Pacific label (ST-1017) it had previously been released on the same label as a mono recording (1831) and later by Pacific Jazz (405). The latter fact is good news, because that wily Michael Cuscuna is re-releasing a ton of music from the Pacific Jazz label. I'm having my boys-in-blue buddies put out an APB for Cuscuna and I'll be sure to use my "special brand of love" to find out if he intends to re-release The King and I.

The Jamal disc was actually first released in the late '80s, when I picked up a copy. Should have waited like you, because I'm sure your's was cheaper and had better sound. Hey man, ya want to be Lulu's assistant?

Good day...

My trusty malamute, Ivan, is nippin' at my leg. I guess it's time for a walk. See everyone next month. Till then, keep the spirit.

— Vic


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