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Cool Vic, The Music Dick By

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Case #5

Dear Vic...

I'm looking for a version of the song "One Note Samba", performed by Dizzy Gillespie. I'm pretty sure James Moody plays flute on it and it has this tremendous cymbal-break in the middle. I've been looking for it for several years now, found a couple of versions (including a live-version with Gillespie and Moody in Paris, not the one), but none of it matches with the one I heard. Maybe you can help me?

- Jeroen Jansen

Herr Jansen,

I got out and hit the streets early on the Gillespie case. It was hard going with no sure answers. After three cups of coffee, two Camels and a twinkie, I squeezed my music mole Louie (that's right, stool pigeon Louie, the two-time loser with a crooked nose, twelve toes, and a whooping cough that would shake a sequoia), and here is what he came up with: the Paris Live recording was released in 1998 on Malaco (1201) and was entitled Paris Jazz Concert. The "One Note Samba" on this disc clocks in at 8:43. The song also occurs on Compact Jazz Dizzy Gillespie (Verve 832574-2). This disc's "One Note Samba" is 5:16 long. Both have James Moody on them. These are all of the performances currently available by Birks and/or Moody. Louie did good on this lead so I didn't have to smack him around.

So, my best advice is to check out the Verve release. It is a compilation disc and is usually sold at mid-price.

Good luck, Jeroen. Ya can't go wrong with most any slice o' Diz wax — but you knew that, didn't ya?

Case #6

Good Day to You, Sleuth...

I'm in the process of procuring information on the doings of one Chris Potter. Word has it that he knows something of the location of a black statue, but that's another story for another time, I'm sure.

While researching Mr. Potter on this inexplicable "internet" concoction, my spies turned up this, ah, "URL": which lists a discography for trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. The connection? This single entry in that selfsame discography, and I quote: "Youth Sonic, (including Chris Potter, George Colligan) Swing Journal Production"

Aha! Immediately my network contacted the webmaster, who informed me (under only the slightest duress, I assure you) that he received this information from yet ANOTHER website which has since vanished. And the webmaster of that second site knows nothing about this "Youth Sonic" recording (no matter how we turn the scre- ahem, uh, may I borrow your ashtray? I thank you, sir.) Nothing else exists on the Web, apparently, regarding this elusive Chris Potter item.

That is where you come in, Mr. Vic. What is this "Youth Sonic" item, and how does Mr. Potter figure into it? Does it contain a duplicate of work he has recorded elsewhere, or is it a fresh piece for my puzzle?

We'll talk terms after you return those guns to poor Wilmer. By gad, sir, I like to talk to a man who likes to talk!

- Sydney G.


Finally a reader with the true hardboiled spirit. Didn't we meet in Chino, and then again at that funky Casbah in Morocco? You were the distinguished gentleman with the monocle—I was sportin' a fez, a handlebar mustache, and a weight lifting belt—trying desperately to fit in. How's your prosthetic pinky after all these years? Hmm... This Youth Sonic is a slippery one. Ms. Jensen obviously recorded a disc with Mr. Potter that has fallen off the radar. This is indeed a fresh piece in your puzzle.

So, my inquisitive friend, if yer up to it, I'd suggest you follow the trail where it's the warmest. Two words: Concord Jazz. Drop 'em a line. Uh, ya might not wanna tell 'em I sent you, though. Something about a hotel laundry, I don't really remember...

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