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Cool Vic, The Music Dick By

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Case #1

Dearest Vic...

I heard a version of "The Sidewinder" the other day on the radio that sounded live and was at least ten minutes long. Do you know what CD this version appears on?

— Cindy Lou from Grand Rapids

Hello Doll Face,

It was a gorgeous July day. I think it was 1970; I remember because I had just gotten over the first—and only—woman who ever broke my heart. Like a lotta other guys tryin' to get over a dame, I hit the road (and the bottle). Hard and often.

Seems like everybody eventually winds up in California. Me too, outside a club near Hermosa Beach, nursin' my double (straight-up, neat). Swappin' stories with this cat, turns out to be Lee Morgan. Turns out he's waitin' for the owner to finalize a deal for Lee's band to turn this guy's club inside out. The owner comes out, the deal gets done, and I had the pleasure of watchin' my new friend Lee, saxophonist Bennie Maupin, pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Jymie Merrit and drummer Mickey Roker perform at the Lighthouse for three straight nights. You're lookin' for one of those nights, Cindy Lou, and they're on Blue Note's Lee Morgan Live At The Lighthouse (35228).

And if ya don't mind my askin'... Cindy Lou Who?

Case #2

Slick Vic...

Who wrote the song "One Mint Julep" and what site is good for finding author/composers of songs?

— Robert Rouda

Double R,

Do you mind if I call you Double R? Didn't think so.

Your question spun me out on a road trip. That's okay, man; no sweat. I'm writin' it off... anyway, I headed for the Big Greasy and a little out of the way bar off Dauphine that serves Juleps so cold they'll put you on a respirator. After my third it came to me. The song "One Mint Julep" was penned by a cat named Rudolph Toombs (who checked out in 1964). I had heard Ray Charles play it in Berlin when I was over there searchin' for a lost Bach (J.S., that is) manuscript.

When I got home I asked my girl Lulu to run a (web) beat on sources of songs and composers. Bingo! Up popped the The Jazz Vocal Resource. It's a wealth of information and just what the doctor ordered. Give 'er a try.


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