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Dear festival publicist:

All About Jazz is celebrating its 15th year on the web with a relaunch, making significant changes to our appearance and expanding our advertising services to festivals. Please read on for the details.


  1. Your 2011 Budget
  2. AAJ Coverage: How We Do It
  3. Improved Banner Placement
  4. New Advertiser Only Pages
  5. Meet the AAJ Sales Staff!
  6. Your Company's Profile at AAJ
  7. Interviews: John Gilbreath and Souvik Dutta
  8. Thanks For Your Support!

Your 2011 Budget

Developing your budget for next year? If so, strongly consider a campaign to reach the largest collection of jazz enthusiasts and professionals in the world. AAJ can run local ad campaign and target our readers in your area or we can announce your festival to the world through a run of site (ROS) campaign.

Our two festival options include:

Banner. Choose from seven ad locations and run your banner across the site (ROS) or run a local ad campaign to target our readers in your area.

Newsletter sponsorship. Reach over 100,000 opt-in readers with our monthly newsletter.

Take advantage of our reach and our Google Page Rank (both tops in jazz), and compliment your ad campaign by leveraging our existing suite of free promotional assets.

Contact us to discuss our options and rates.

AAJ Coverage: How We Do It

AAJ prefers to report from a festival while it is ongoing as opposed to publishing an overview after its conclusion. We're also in the early stages of building our video section so we can assign video correspondents to your festival.

In terms of written coverage, we will assign a writer and, if he/she is not a photographer, we would like to coordinate our efforts with your house photographer and have him/her upload their festival photos to our gallery. We'll use those photos in our article.

Improved Banner Placement

Our goal with the recent redesign was to modernize our appearance, elevate the banners so they appear higher on each page, and bring greater awareness to our global calendar of events and our photo gallery. The new website appears less cluttered and the ad positions have been optimized. For instance, we reduced the scrollable length of the home page by 50%, greatly improving the position of the bottom leaderboard, which has led to a higher click through rate. We've also made a point of placing the banners next to valued content. In the case of the bottom leaderboard, it appears directly below the local calendar.

Click the image on the right to view the All About Jazz home page in its entirety. We identify the location of each ad with a red arrow.

New Advertiser Only Pages

Finding advertising related information is now easier than ever—just click ADVERTISE on the navigation bar (see above) and choose an item from the dropdown menu. We've included some of the more important links below:

Advertisers Start Page. Bookmark this page for convenient access to all related links and information.

Options and Rates. Our four premium services (banner, showcase, listening party and newsletter sponsorship.

Primer information. An introduction to advertising at AAJ.

Web vs. Print. Target online readers first.

Ad FAQ. We've taken your most frequently asked questions and answered them on this page.

Meet the AAJ Sales Staff!

We've expanded our sales staff to better serve your advertising needs. If you have worked with me in the past, then I'm happy to continue to support your efforts moving forward though we can also consider assigning you to a team member below.

Graziella D'Amelio. Specializing in food/beverage and luxury goods/services.

Steve Provizer. Specializing in pro audio, musical instruments and schools/universities.

Michael Ricci. Remains your direct contact for live events and new releases.

Your Company's Profile at AAJ

Make sure your company's information at AAJ is accurate and complete. You can add your Facebook and Twitter links, your RSS feed location, provide company and product information, and use it to drive traffic to your website.

John Gilbreath and Souvik Dutta

In addition to musicians, All About Jazz will spotlight presenters, impresarios and difference makers in our industry. Read our two recent interviews with the Earshot Festival and New Universe Music Festival heads:

John Gilbreath: Within Earshot

Souvik Dutta: From Living Room to Center of the Universe

Thanks For Your Support!

We've made dramatic improvements to All About Jazz this year: a new look and more features resulting in increased traffic. With the addition of two advertising representatives, a photo gallery editor, and a Facebook strategist, we'll continue to improve and expand our services. We're also developing technical solutions for the industry and establishing a standard feed format so AAJ can both import and export festival calendar data. As technologists, AAJ has partnered with other forward-minded companies like EchoNest, ThrillCall, Zoomino, and a revamped AOL Music.

We'll continue to present you with modern solutions and we'll expand our award-winning platform to help you reach your target audience.

In case you haven't updated your records, AAJ HQ's new address is:

All About Jazz

1693 Meadow Glen Drive

Lansdale, PA 19446


We'll be back in touch when we have more news to share. Until then...

All the best,

Michael Ricci Founder/Publisher, All About Jazz


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