February 2003

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Ross A. Messer of Middletown, NY wrote:

The other morning I heard a recording of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Billie Holiday with Harry "Sweets" Edison on trumpet. Do you know if it's available on cd? If so, do you know how I could go about purchasing it?


I know of no recording by Billie Holiday of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Perhaps what you heard was Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton. It really doesn't sound like the kind of song Billie Holiday would sing. I checked several databases just to be sure.

Ray Logan of Redondo Beach, CA wrote:

I heard a recording of "La Petite Flur" and missed the full name of the band. It is such a haunting and compelling arrangement with guitars and a sax. The part of the name I did manage to hear was: The Chris "_______" Jazz Band. Hope you can help me find out the name so that I can become a proud owner. Many thanks.


You probably heard the song "Petite Fleur," written by soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet and recorded by Chris Barber's Jazz Band. It has been included on several various artists anthologies, among them Vintage Instrumentals, Vol. 1, which is in print and should be easy to find on line.

Tony Bacon of Cavan, Ireland wrote:

Are the "Artistry in Rhythm," etc. recordings available I possesed them many years ago on 78s?


I'm not much of an expert on Stan Kenton, but various CD compilations incorporating Stan Kenton's "Artistry in Rhythm" under his name have been reissued by European based labels such as Jazz Hour, ASV/Living Era and Fat Boy. It is hard to know exactly which recordings you're seeking.

William Curcio of Arlington, MA wrote:

Frank D'Rone, originally out of Providence, RI, a protege of Nat Cole, made several appearances on the Carson TV show about 30 years ago. He resides some where in Illinois and did make one cd which I have. What I am looking for is an LP that he made about 30 years ago. The title was 'Whoopee or 'Making Whopee.' Other songs that I remember on that disc are "Bluesette" and "Somewhere."


There's a Mercury LP circa 1962 called 'In Person,' though I' haven't located any source selling it. The only other information I've been able to find about Frank D'Rone is that he recorded as a sideman with Carl Stevens on a pair of sessions for a Mercury LP around 1958. Any other LPs must have been privately issued.

Eric of Brooklyn, NY wrote:

There are a few albums that I can't find on CD:

Cannonball Adderley "Fiddler on the Roof."

Duke Ellington "Uptown"

Antonio Carlos Jobim "Windflower" (not sure of title) It was on CTI records. Ron Carter, Grady Tate are some of the personnel.

Sonny Stitt, "Stittsville."

Do you know if these have ever been put out on CD? Imports? Thank you.


The Adderley LP hasn't been reissued on CD. The Ellington was reissued in 1991 by Columbia/Legacy but is evidently out of print. The Jobim album you're tryng to name is "Stone Flower," which was reissued in 2002. The Stitt LP, originally issued by Roost, has not been reissued individually, but is a part of Mosaics' massive "Complete Roost Recordings of Sonny Stitt" boxed set.

I can't say for certain about the past or present availability of any import versions, as they are very hard to keep up with.

Jennifer Bate from Surrey, England, UK wrote:

I've been looking for a jazz site that will tell me the words to a song, as well as the artist's who have recorded it. Last year I found this site, but have lost it. Am trying to find the words of Randy Weston's "High Fly". I have it recorded by George Shearing and Mel Torme, but would like to be able to look up others as well, and choose more CDs as a result. Regards and thanks.


I have a copy of the Lord Discography CD-Rom, but I have no way of cutting and pasting the list you seek, which is very long.

"Hi Fly" has been recorded by a number of artists. Go to www.allmusic.com and you can search by song title, though it won't necessarily have every recorded version. I know Abbey Lincoln recorded it for her CD 'The World is Falling Down' about a dozen years ago. Mel Torme recorded an earlier version with Shorty Rogers, while other singers who have recorded it include Joe Carroll, Dave Lambert, and Jenny Evans, to name a few. Countless instrumental versions exist, including several by its composer.

Sarah Morgan from Portland, OR wrote:

I have been reading about the artist Romare Bearden. He wrote jazz songs in the early 1950's including one hit, "Seabreeze." I have read that Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Pettiford, Tito Puente and Billy Eckstein recorded it. I would love to hear some of his music, but I can't find mention of it in any of the music catalogs I have consulted. Do you know about this or can you direct me somewhere to continue research? Thank you.


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