Fabel: FABEL

Jakob Baekgaard By

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Lonely tree. Lonely trumpet. Blowing through the clouds of green. Fields on fields in open space. A woodcutter leaving logs. Playing simple melodies. The piano breathes a song.

In the country. In the city. People gather to escape themselves. The burning fire of passion. Smiles are exchanged, and they wander. In the night.

It always comes back to this: Naked communication. Eyes looking at each other. The intimacy of instruments: Bass, trumpet and tangents.

The purpose is simple: To catch something before it's gone. A musical photograph. An album of leaves. The essence of life like water. The need to bend down without being broken. A hand that reaches out.

Scraping through the soil. The roots of our ancestors. This is where we will return.

In the mist of an old apartment. A lonely woman. Movement in space. The bass walks. The feeling of wood on the floor.

Outside there is an ocean and a forest full of trees. A gun is aiming at the sky, trying to shoot infinity. Walking like the bass, always searching for something that can't be found. This simple hunt can't be done alone. Hunters gather around the fire.

Words must communicate to someone. Letters are written for a friend. Sheets of paper. Papers piling up. The loneliness of an empty room. A dance despite this blue. Moment.

These words are a response to the trio Fabel and its eponymous debut. While the album is released separately on CD, it is conceived as a visual work that combines the poetry of moving pictures with the lyrical sound of Kasper Staub's piano, Jens Mikkel Madsen's steady bass and not least the tender trumpet voice of Jakob Sørensen. The name of this group is fitting. They tell musical fables that are supported by the video made by André Hansen. The whole album can be heard and seen in the attached YouTube video.

Track Listing: De Vandrende (J. Sørensen); Les Feuilles (J. Sørensen); Stærekasser (K. Staub); Står på Tæer (J. Sørensen); Stork (J. Sørensen); Ni Buk (J. Sørensen); Uden Titel (K. Staub); Mundelstrup (J. Sørensen).

Personnel: Jakob Sørensen: trumpet; Kasper Staub: piano; Jens Mikkel: double bass.

Title: FABEL | Year Released: 2017 | Record Label: Jaeger Community

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