Enrique Haneine, Antonio Borghini and Adam Hopkins

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Drummer Enrique Haneine is back with a new recording, The Mind's Mural, and a quartet that paints some very powerful pictures in this week's episode of One Man's Jazz. Another drummer, Carlos Lopez from Spain, contributes music from two different recordings, while Italian bassist Antonio Borghini tops that with music from three different groups and recordings where he's a central figure: Der Lange Schatten, Die Hochstapler and Schnell, all based in Berlin where Borghini now lives. Pianist Danielle Friedman lives in Berlin too, and she's just released her debut. There's a lot of great music in this episode, even a new version of "The Creator Has a Master Plan," that great Pharoah Sanders-Leon Thomas tune, this time from Dwight Trible with the Gondwana Orchestra's tribute to Pharoah.


  • Jim Hobbs & The Fully Celebrated Orch. " (Up Against The Wall) With A Chicken Wing" from Peace And Pig Grease (Silkheart) 00:00
  • Big Heart Machine "Steep Ravine" from Big Heart Machine (Outside In) 05:35
  • Host speaks 14:32
  • Carlos Lopez & Maciej Kądziela "Augmentation" from Augmentation (Jazz Activist) 16:35
  • Chicago Edge Ensemble "Splatter Pattern" from Decaying Orbit (Lizard Breath) 24:45
  • Der Lange Schatten "Post Truth & Pre-Disaster" from Concurrences (Trouble In The East) 30:50
  • Host speaks 38:52
  • Die Hochstapler "Alphabets and Alfa Romeos" from Plays the Music of Alvin P. Buckley (Umlaut) 40:21
  • Carlos Lopez "Looking For A Room" from Letters from Kobenhavn (Jazz Activist) 48:42
  • Host speaks 53:20
  • VWCR "Checkpoint" from Noise of Our Time (Intakt) 54:19
  • Schnell "A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing" from Live at Sowieso (Clean Feed) 59:17
  • Host speaks 1:0:33
  • Schnell "Part II" from Live at Sowieso (Clean Feed) 1:04:30
  • Fish From Hell "Deep" from Moby Dick Wanted! (Mr. Morezon) 1:19:55
  • A + R + 15 "Sandman" from A + R + 15 (Self-released) 1:25:45
  • Host speaks 1:33:47
  • Danielle Friedman Trio "Dread Change" from School of Fish (Self-released) 1:35:38
  • FUSK "Happy New Year" from The Jig Is Up (WhyPlayJazz) 1:44:10
  • Host speaks 1:49:55
  • Adam Hopkins "Crickets/Crime of the Year" from Crickets (Out of Your Head) 1:51:09
  • Listening Group "To the Overall" from Listening Group (577 Records) 1:59:08
  • Host speaks 2:08:24
  • Gondwana Orchestra & Dwight Trible "The Creator Has a Master Plan" from Colours: A Tribute to Pharoah Sanders (Gondwana) 2:10:27
  • Roots Magic "Last Kind Words" from Last Kind Words (Clean Feed) 2:15:44
  • Andy Emler "Running Backwards" from Running Backwards (La Buissonne) 2:22:10
  • Host speaks 2:30:39
  • Jan Philipp Trio "The More You Hurry the Slower You Go / Sapzurro" from Live (Self-released) 2:32:15
  • Enrique Haneine "The Seventh Layer" from The Mind's Mural (Elegant Walk) 2:40:16
  • Host speaks 2:47:08
  • Dinamitri Jazz Folklore "There Really Was an Africa" from Live at Sant' Anna Arresi 2013 (Rudi) 2:48:42


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