Mark Egan & Arjun Bruggeman: Dreaming Spirits

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Dreaming Spirits serves not only as an album title, but also the name of a world/ambient jazz trio formed by renowned bassist Mark Egan, tabla player and percussionist Arjun Bruggeman, and special guest Shane Theriot, who is best known these days as lead guitarist/musical director of the Hall and Oates and Live From Daryl's House bands. Oddly, as of this writing, Wavetone Records has yet to list or even reference this new album release.

Bruggeman and Egan were inspired to record this project from their time spent collaborating with Kirtan chanting master Krishna Das, with whom they continue to perform and record. Shane Theriot was brought in initially as a hired gun to add color on guitar, but ended up co-composing much of the material here.

As might be expected with a Mark Egan-led project, there is some inspired bass playing throughout. Theriot's guitar, used more sparingly, also shines in places. Still, those looking for bass pyrotechnics and guitar fireworks should probably look elsewhere. Fans of Oregon, some of John McLaughlin's Shakti material, or Kirtan music in general will feel at home with this recording. This album is very much a contemplative work, and wouldn't be out of place as a soundtrack for hot yoga or a meditation retreat.

Track Listing

Village Call; Mombossa; Wave Motion; C Drone Expansion; Canyon Walk; Framonics; The In Between; Joy Ride; Spirit Blues; Dreaming Spirits; Morning Light; Waking Spirits; Voices; When Spirits Dance.


Mark Egan: bass, fretless bass; Arjun Bruggeman: percussion; Shane Theriot: guitar.

Album information

Title: Dreaming Spirits | Year Released: 2017 | Record Label: Wavetone Records


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