Douye: At Last, A Sophisticated Lady

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AAJ: Again, you were joined by a bevy of talented musicians. It is a very strong jazz drenched record instrumentally as well. How did this project all come together?

D: I worked with a gentleman named Zack O'Farrill. He helped steer me out of my comfort zone. He knew what I could do and helped me not to be afraid to just let loose and do it. When we did "Aqua de Beber," at the end of that track it was all just letting it ride, just letting it go. When I was doing it, I didn't even know where all that came from. I just allowed myself to be free and let it go. The record all came out very naturally. We didn't plan it as much as we just let it happen. We didn't want it to be overly structured, again just to let it go. It's doing well on the Latin jazz charts, so we are very happy about that.

AAJ: The song selection flows seamlessly. It's a well-chosen collection of compositions including many from Antonio Carlos Jobim. A personal favorite of yours?

D: Yes, these are all my selections and yes, I love Jobim's work and have so much respect for him. I felt like you can't really do bossa nova and not do his music. I gave tribute to him. He is the Godfather of bossa nova.

AAJ: You perform frequently in various clubs in the LA area. Are you looking to take the show on the road?

D: Yes, I am going to get out there a bit. I am going to Florida in July and then the east coast and the Midwest in October. I want to put my name out there and have some fun performing. I always have my musical director and pianist, Aaron Provisor, with me. He knows me and my music so very well. We practice together every week. So, I am very comfortable and confident of always being able to give a strong performance anywhere we play.

AAJ: Well, having seen and heard you perform live a couple of times now, I certainly know that to be true. I admire your work ethic.

D: Thank you very much. My dad used to say, "It takes a lot to be a lot."

AAJ: Oh, I like that quote. I like that a lot.

D: Yeah, it takes a lot to be a lot. It's very true, you know. Artistry is timeless. I want to always be careful to do my best work and make sure that what I create will last a lifetime. You take someone like John Coltrane. It took a lot for him to do what he did. But it's timeless, it lasts forever. My dad told me when I was maybe eight years old that I wouldn't be able to touch or hug everyone in the world personally. That my music, my records will define me. I always think of that and want the name Douye to always be thought of with the highest quality of work possible. It is very important to me to always be authentic. People should know me and understand the kind of person I am by listening to my music. Daddy said so.
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