December 2003

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Carlos Schvartzman of Paraguay wrote:

I am a pro jazz musician (guitarist, pianist, composer, arranger, educator, orchestrator and conductor) from Paraguay. I have a worn out LP called "Maiden Switzerland", with an European Big-Band and featuring Mike Barone on trombone and doing most of the composing and arranging.

I have not been able to locate a CD with the same recording searching the internet. Could you please see if you could find it?

Thanks a lot and the best to you.


The reason you're having problems locating this title by the Barone-Burghardt Orchestra is that it evidently never was issued on CD by the label. Incidentally, the record company, Discovery, is no longer in business, and the chances of its reappearance seem remote.

Let me know if another copy of the LP would suffice, and I'll try to find one.

Jon Frenzel wrote:

I've written to you once or twice before and your answers have been very helpful, so I'm going to the well a third time. Thank you, by the way, for providing such a terrific service to jazz lovers everywhere.

This month's issue of Smithsonian magazine has an article about Roy Haynes, and in it is a picture of a date in 1956 featuring Haynes playing with Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, and Thelonious Monk. Do you know if there is a recording of this quartet together, and if so, how is the quality?

Thanks again for your help.


It seems like I answered this question in my column awhile back, but I can't even keep track. Each of the musicians pictured with Parker recorded with him either on broadcasts, live recordings or studio dates, but all four of them are not present at the same time on any of them. I also double-checked Tom Lord's Jazz Discography to be sure.

The photo was taken in 1955 or earlier. I believe it was 1953; Parker died in 1955.

Carl wrote:

Ken, are you familiar with an album featuring Nancy Wilson and Chaka Chan entitled "Echoes of an Era" recorded in Los Angeles at Griffith Park. The album also featured the late Joe Henderson and Freddie Hubbard. I am interested in obtaining this album although I think it may be out of print. I believe it was on Columbia. Any info you can assist we with will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Actually, this release was on Elektra. Euclid Records (www.euclidrecords.com) has one in stock now for $6.99. They also have a toll free number listed on their site.

Agard wrote:

I have a copy of this LP, by EmArcy Records, MG 36026, blue label. I have searched discographies and have come up with two dates for this LP, 1949 and 1951. The liner notes state that "Error Garner was born 30 years ago". Add his reported birth year as either 1921 or 1923 (again, two sources with different birth dates) and the LP date becomes 1951 or 1953.

The titles on my LP are: Deep Purple-Bonnie Boy-Tippin' Out With Errol-Relaxin' At Sugar Ray's-Minor With The Trio-No Moon-Cologne-Lazy River-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart-Jitterbug Waltz-The Quaker-Scatterbrain. Sign me confused. Thank you for your reply. (P.S. Is this considered a real collectible?)


This title was first issued as a 10 inch disc (EmArcy 6026) in 1954, reissued as a 12 inch LP (EmArcy 36026) the following year. As for his birth date, all the reliable sources I've used list June 15, 1921. I haven't been able to verify the recording date, as Lord's Jazz Discography doesn't allow me to search by catalog number, and Garner recorded prolifically. This music doesn't seem to have been reissued, I would definitely consider it a collectible, worth $35-50 minimum if it is in near mint condition.

The following songs come from a September, 8, 1949 studio session:

Scatterbrain, I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart, The Jitterbug Waltz, and Deep Purple.

The remaining tracks were recorded April 12, 1950.

Alexander J. Grossman of Cornell Univeristy wrote:

I'm trying to find some of the following Jazz albums on Compact Disc. Do you have any leads on where to get them (or have copies you're willing to part with)?

Russ Freeman-Richard Twardzik Trios Capitol 46861

Warne Marsh Noteworthy Discovery 945

Red Norvo Improvisations Verve 830966

Bud Shank Jazz at Cal-Tech Toshiba-EMI TOCJ-5422

Claude Williamson Blue Mirror Interplay 280

Ben Webster Keynote Recordings Verve 840820

Ben Webster-Coleman Hawkins Compact Jazz Verve 833296

Ben Webster Complete on EmArcy Verve 824836

Roy Eldridge The Swing Trumpets Verve 830923

Stan Kenton In London 1972 English Decca 820466

Stan Kenton Live in Europe English Decca 820288

Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards.

Alex Grossman:

The Russ Freeman - Richard Twardzik album was reissued on CD by Toshiba-EMI and is available from both redtrumpet.com and and dustygroove.com. I haven't had any luck finding the others so far.


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