Daniel Kramer: Bob Dylan, In Pictures

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AAJ: Are there any photographs that didn't make the cut? Are there any photographs that still remain in the vaults?

DK: Of course, there are other pictures. I photographed him for a whole year, so I have a lot of pictures. But, this the essence. This is the main story. I'm not saying that there aren't other interesting pictures as there are. But, it's like when you make a movie, a lot of what you shoot does not end up in the movie. That is because you have to make the movie have its own life.

In the same way, this book has its own life and you have to edit. Even writers don't publish everything they write. If they did, they would bore their readers. But you edit, and you make it more pointed or sharper. Or clearer. Then you have other material you can use. So, you use it another time.

AAJ: Finally, what do you hope people will carry on from Dylan's legacy as portrayed through your pictures?

DK: I still feel the way I felt when I made the pictures. I'm hoping that my pictures will add some clarity to people's understanding of who he is. I tried to express and show that he is quite brilliant at what he does. His work has influenced so many, many people and many musicians. So, I'm hoping that my book is an insight, a little visit that most people cannot have. Most people cannot have a visit with Mr. Dylan. People who enjoy his music and enjoy his writing can have a little more of the feeling of who he was. And this is who he was when he was a young man.

He was 23 years old when these photographs were taken. Now, it's 50 years later. How much do we all change anyone of us? We change. But the basic core, the center of our being usually doesn't change. It's usually who we are. We have our pattern. We are that person through our whole life. It changes, it grows, or it diminishes. It's shape and color changes, but we are still mostly the same person. And we learn this from Shakespeare and his characters. I feel that even though Dylan is very young in my book, this is basically who he is. This is the person. I think he is a terrific guy, I think he is funny and I think he is very talented. I had a very good time photographing him and meeting him and knowing him. I'm very glad I spent the time making that project.
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