Coda: Nights at the Turntable

C. Michael Bailey By

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I am retiring my column "Nights at the Turntable". Like many of the writers at All About Jazz I have a day job, one that interferes greatly with the pursuit of my bliss (in the grand parlance of the late Dr. Joseph Campbell) of music writing. It is difficult for writers to maintain one column, much less two, much less individual reviews. Thus, I am going to pursue a more realistic path of a single column and an occasional review.

One of the first columns developed at AAJ was "Bailey's Bundles" (as it was titled by our publisher, Signore Michael Ricci). I have moved all of my "Nights at the Turntable" articles to other classifications, mostly " Bailey's Bundles ," " Extended Analysis ," and "Highly Opinionated." I intend to continue my contribution to AAJ , hopefully in a more thoughtful, brief, and crystalline manner. Like Bird, all I am looking for is "the pretty notes."


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