Carved in Rock


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Carved in Rock

Massive waves of ice surround

An island in the sea

Where an ancient passion carved in rock

Is coming alive for me.

You turned my way and heard me say

Love lingers in the tunes

So played a song to taunt me

With the dream's etched burn

That places us together.

Ah! Still, I yearn

To connect with the actual

Feel you in my bones

As I listen to sax and horn,

Rich melodies which surround

With a warmth and passion

Remembering how we'd joined.

The Aesthetics of Sound

Deeply buried in those tunes

The memories of our love renewed

Listening to the methods used

That wove you in my brain

And those feelings remain the same

As sax and horn surround me

With joy at the recall

When I listened to you play.

Amazing creation of expression

In a universal language

That invades even my dreams.

Wanting to know it again:

When you flood me with those sounds

It's like travelling thru the galaxies

Feasting on your energy

As our bodies become bound

To one another in a transfer

Thru the aesthetics of sound.

Conjured Image

Frozen in by wind's icy blasting

This inner battle infects the world!

So seek release thru music

Turn turmoil into tune

Where the blood flows rhythmically

While the memory of our passion burns.

The priceless sound of merging feelings

Flowing thru my soul, ah! yearning

To experience your glow, listening

To a transcript of the transfer whole

Pulsing with rhythm thru my soul

As I dream, mental video become actual

Yin/yang what love holds

Flashing before the conjured image— Those feelings becoming real.

Our Exchange

Hard to believe the gift of dreams

Could take on form, igniting beams

That pull you close to me

If only thru the jazz theme

Of let go, let it flow with passion:

There's a beauty in love's show

That follows me into dreams.

Caught even in the shadows

The image of our merging

Imprinted on the brain cells

Glows when the sax blows

The freedom of expressed feelings

Taking form, to atone for

The loss of our exchange

With the beauty of rich tunes.

The Promise of Fusion

Ice frozen on the window's inside

Describes the binding

That keeps us still in contact

Thru the flow of rich sounds

As sax talks with the piano

The tale of love found

In a unique language

Transcending space, race, time

For it's always in the present

And I feel you invade my mind

With the promise of fusion

Woven in complex tunes

That activate the yearning

Simply to return.


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