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As 2013 drew to a close the Jazz Police appeared to be resurgent, at least in the UK—busily condemning those foolish enough to make and/or enjoy popular music and entertainment rather than listen to the latest cutting-edge ensemble from somewhere or other. Thankfully, the musicians just got on with it. In at least ten cases, they produced recordings of outstanding wonderfulness and gave me the chance to hear them. This is my list of ten whose wonderfulness was particularly outstanding.

Why are they all so wonderful? Signs took me through every emotion I possess in barely an hour—lots of them involved smiling and feeling generally quite well-disposed. A South Asian Suite made me dance—no easy task. Wedding Music and Don't Overthink It proved that improvisation through co-operation is a marvellous thing. Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead and All Hands On Deck showed in their very different ways that the old days aren't just for reminiscence and nostalgia while Something's Coming demonstrated the sheer delight to be had from the sound of a big band.

Liquid Spirit re-affirmed its maker's talents and The Poet's Embrace was a joyous celebration of past masters and past technologies. As for A Beautiful Friendship... Well, these records are presented in no particular order, but this stylishly-packaged four-track vinyl 12" was my Record Of The Year.

Kaz Simmons
(Fast Awake Records)

Arun Ghosh
A South Asian Suite
(Camoci Records)

Kit Downes and Tomas Challenger
Wedding Music
(Loop Records)

Gregory Porter
Liquid Spirit
(Blue Note Records)

Nathan Haines
The Poet's Embrace
(Warner Jazz)

Mark Murphy
A Beautiful Friendship
(Gearbox Records)

Man Overboard
All Hands On Deck
(Champs Hill Records)

Corey Mwamba, Dave Kane, Joshua Blackmore
Don't Overthink It
(Self Produced)

New Departures Jazz Poetry Septet
Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead
(Gearbox Records)

Callum Au Big Band
Something's Coming
(Self Produced)


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