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Bobo Stenson: A Discography

Budd Kopman By

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Tracks: Send In The Clowns; Rowan; Alfonsina; There Comes A Time; Song About Earth; Seli; Goodbye; Music For A While; Allegretto Rubato; Jack Of Clubs; Sudan; Queer Street; Triple Play; Race Face.

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: double-bass; Paul Motian: drums.


Tracks: CD1: T.; West Print; North Print; East Print; South Print; Polska Of Despair (II); Golden Rain; Swee Pea; Simple & Sweet; Der Pflaumenbaum; CD2: El Mayor; Fader V (Father World); Extra Low; Die Nachtigall; Rimbaud Gedicht; Polska of Despair (I); Tonus.

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: double bass; Jon Christensen: drums.

:rarum VIII

Tracks: East Print; Svevende; What Reason Could I Give?; Oleo de mujer con sombrero; Father V; Song; Morning Heavy Song; Golden Rain; Witchi-Tai-To; Reflection in D; Untitled; Little Peace; Ahayu-Da.

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: double-bass; Jon Christensen: drums; Jan Garbarek; tenor and soprano saxophone; Palle Danielsson double-bass; Don Cherry: trumpet; Charles Lloyd: tenor saxophone; Billy Hart: drums; Tomasz Stanko: trumpet; Tony Oxley: drums; Arild Andersen: double-bass; Anders Kjellberg: drums; Okay Temiz: percussion.

War Orphans

Tracks: Oleo de mujer con sombrero; Natt; All My Life; Eleventh Of January; War Orphans; Sediment; Bengali Blues; Melancholia.

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: double-bass; Jon Christensen: drums.


Tracks: The Enlightener; My Man's Gone Now; NOT; Dorrmattan; Q; Reflections in D; 12 Tones Old; Mindiatyr.

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: double-bass; Jon Christensen: drums.

Very Early

Tracks: Moon And Sand; Some Other Spring; Very Early; Autumn In New York; Coming On The Bike; Pavane; Satellite; Sorg; Ramblin.'

Personnel: Bobo Stenson: piano; Anders Jormin: bass; Rune Carlsson: drums.

Entrance 3

Tracks: All'Alba; Lekh Leka; Entrance 3; L'Étang

Personnel: François Carrier: alto saxophone; Pierre Côte: double bass; Michel Lamber: drums; Bobo Stenson: piano.

Plunge with Bobo Stenson

Tracks: Lingua Franca; Wrestler; Back and Forth; Prolog; 12 Tones Old; Three Characters; Humble Rumble; Levitation; Castor; Gears; A Moment of Clarity; Dense Image; Visit by Onkel Time; Ethos Gives Posture.

Personnel: Andreas Andersson: saxophones; Bobo Stenson: piano; Matthias Hjorth: bass; Peter Nilsson: drums.

Seven Pieces

Tracks: Spiraltrappan; The Don; 4; Lena's Tune; Skalovningar; Ornette Or Not; Chris-Chros.

Personnel: Lennart Aberg: soprano, tenor saxophone, flute; Bobo Stenson: piano; Palle Danielsson: double-bass; Peter Erskine: drums (except 2,6); Fredrik Noren: trumpet (1,3,5,7); Peter Asplund: trumpet (1,2,3,5,6,7); Magnus Broo: trumpet (1,3,5,7); Bosse Broberg: trumpet (3,7); Bertil Strandberg: trombone (1,3,5,7); Mattis Cederberg: bass trombone (1,3,5,7); Magnus Peterson: french horn (1,3,5); Hakan Brostrom: alto, soprano saxophones, flute (1,3,5,7); David Wilczewski: tenor, soprano saxophones, flute (1,3,5,7); Erik Nilsson: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, flute (1,3,5,7); Mattias Stahl: marimba, vibraphone (1,2,3,5,6,7); Daniel Karlsson: synthesizer (1,3,5,7); Johan Lofcranz: drums (2,6).

In So Many Words

Tracks: The Picture; Where the Roof Meets the Sky; The Blues; My Favourite Things; Everywhere I Go; The Come On; When the Rain Falls; Detour Ahead; The Games We Play; The Shifting of the Winds.

Personnel: Trine-Lise Vaering: voice; Bobo Stenson: piano; Mads Vinding: bass; Alex Riel: drums.

Epilogue -The Music of Borje Fredriksson

Tracks: Intervall; Epilogue I; Hovmastar Rock (Head-waiter rock); Tio sma sota (Ten little sweet darlings); Blues 55; Epilogue II; En berattelse (A story); Back Beat Blues; Amandas villa (Amandas house); Master; Epilogue III.

Personnel: Joakim Milder: tenor saxophone; Bobo Stenson: piano; Palle Danielsson: double-bass; Fredrik Noren: drums.

Seven Footprints To Heaven

Tracks: They Say It Is Wonderful; Seven Steps To Heaven; Footprints; Little Girl In Blue; I Got The Blues In Santa Cruz; The Ballad Of The Sad Young Men; For My Lady; Gratitude; Black Magic; My Foolish Heart; Pannonica; To Welcome The Day.

Personnel: Rune Carlsson: vocal (1-12), drums (3,5); Bernt Rosengren: tenor saxophone; Ulf Andersson: alto saxophone; Goran Strandberg: piano (1-9); Hans Backenroth: bass (1-9); Bengt Stark: drums (1-9); Bobo Stenson: piano (10,11,12).

Litania -Music of Krzysztof Komeda

Tracks: Svantetic; Sleep Safe And Warm; Night-time; Daytime Requiem; Ballada; Litania; Sleep Safe And Warm; Repetition; Ballad For Bernt; The Witch; Sleep Safe And Warm.

Personnel: Tomasz Stanko: trumpet; Bernt Rosengren: tenor saxophone; Joachim Milder: tenor and soprano saxophone; Bobo Stenson: piano; Palle Danielsson: double-bass; Jon Christensen: drums; Terje Rypdal: guitar.


Tracks: Morning Heavy Song; Die Weisheit von Le comte Lautreamont; A Farewell To Maria; Brace; Trinity; Forlorn Walk; Hungry Howl; No Bass Trio; Euforila; Leosia.


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Bobo Stenson: A Discography
by Budd Kopman
Published: September 6, 2015