Bill Mays: Inventions, Conventions and Dimensions

Dr. Judith Schlesinger By

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AAJ: I give up. What?

BM: They bought a new suitcase.

The other thing I feel is imperative to say to young musicians is to learn more about the history. I'm amazed that young piano players, when you ask who they're listening to and learning from, say people like Brad Mehldau and Robert Glasper. And I say well, those guys have their message and their music, but you need to go back and hear the sound that Nat "King" Cole got on the piano, and the way Teddy Wilson touched the keys, and what Earl Hines did.

You don't need to go out and learn eight solos by each of those guys, but you need to listen to how they played the piano. You should also see films and videos and learn how to be a good entertainer as well as a great musician. They go together.

Selected Discography

Tommy Cecil & Bill Mays, Side by Side (Sondheim Duos) (Self Produced, 2012)

Bill Mays, Mays at the Movies (Steeplechase, 2009)

The Inventions Trio, Fantasy (Palmetto, 2007)

Bill Mays Trio, Live at Jazz Standard (Palmetto, 2005)

Bill Mays Trio, Going Home (Palmetto, 2002)

Bill Mays Trio, Summer Sketches (Palmetto, 2001)

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