Ben Allison, Anais Drago, Reinier Baas and Other Great New Releases

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The new albums bonanza goes on! And we happily oblige, revelling in some gorgeous new releases, some of which will definitely end up on the "Best of 2018" lists of many critics. Surprises, confirmations, re-releases, unexpected collaborations and much more make up this week's playlist full of aural pleasures...

Happy listening!


  • Ben Allison "Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00
  • Phillip Johnston "Frankly" from Diggin' Bones on (Asynchronus) 0:17
  • Host Talks 6:23
  • Reinier Baas, Ben van Gelder & Metropole Orkest "Stuiter" from Smash Hits on (Basta) 8:38
  • The Gil Evans "LL Funk" from Hidden Treasures on (Self-released) 19:31
  • Host Talks 24:55
  • Francois Houle, Harris Eisenstadt & Alexander Hawkins "Prayer" from You Have Options on (Songlines) 27:05
  • Lester Bowie "Rios Negroes" from The Great Pretender on (ECM) 33:08
  • Poline Renou, Matthieu Donarier, Sylvain Lemêtre "Le temple d'on ne sait où" from Adieu mes très belle on (Yolk) 40:20
  • Host Talks 42:32
  • Ben Allison "All Across the City" from Quiet Revolution on (Sonic Camera) 45:05
  • Roberto Ottaviano "Chairman Mao" from Eternal Love on (Dodicilune) 50:11
  • David Virelles "Mojito Criollo" from Igbo Alakorin (The Singer's Grove) Vol. I & II on (Pi) 57:44
  • Host Talks 1:01:40
  • Gianluigi Trovesi "Carpinese" from Mediterraneamente on (Dodicilune) 1:04:10
  • Ben Allison "The Train and the River" from Quiet Revolution on (Sonic Camera) 1:09:20
  • Sylvain Darrifourcq In Love With "End of Love Story; Beginning of Love Story; Repeat" from Coitus Interruptus on (Gigantonium) 1:13:30
  • Host Talks 1:17:52
  • Anais Drago & The Jellyfish "Calma e leggerezza" from Anais Drago & The Jellyfish on (Another Music) 1:20:04
  • Francois Houle, Harris Eisenstadt & Alexander Hawkins "Advice" from You Have Options on (Songlines) 1:25:42
  • Bluering-Improvisers "Blue Is the Color" from Bluering Vol. 1 on (Rudi) 1:29:53
  • Host Talks 1:34:10
  • Taiga "Kulning" from Sea Salt on (Homemade Record) 1:35:27
  • Mirko Signorile "Trio Trip in Violet Flow" from Trio Trip on (Auand) 1:44:07
  • Dave Sewelson "Calm Pose" from Music for a Free World on (FMR) 1:47:28
  • Host Talks 1:53:07
  • Harriet Tubman "Farther Unkown" from The Terror End of Beauty on (Sunnyside) 1:55:51
Photo credit: Govert Driessen


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