Behind the Lens With Lorenzo Di Nozzi

Behind the Lens With Lorenzo Di Nozzi
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Meet Lorenzo Di Nozzi:
I am a stage photographer. I live between Milan, Madrid and Barcelona, where I work as official photographer of the Theatre Palau de la Musica Catalana. I am also the official photographer of the Barcelona Gospel Festival and the Voll-Damm Jazz Festival of Barcelona.

Nikon D700;

Lenses: 70-200 f2.8 VRII; 85 f.18; 50 f1.4

Teachers and/or influences?
I was lucky...I studied with Fernando Marcos y Luciano Romano

I knew I wanted to be a photographer when...
I bought my first Nikon FM2.

Your approach to photography:
as everyone: first a hobby, then a passion...and, finally, a job.

Your teaching approach/philosophy:
I follow one of my teacher's words: try to shoot what has not been born to be shot.

Your biggest challenge when shooting indoor (or low lighted) events:
As all the stage photographers, low light with people in motion.

Your biggest challenge when shooting outdoor events:
Try to exclude unwanted things in the frame.

Favorite venue to shoot:
Dance—especially flamenco and contemporary dance

Favorite festival to shoot:
Voll-Damm Jazz Festival of Barcelona.

Where was your first assignment location?
When I started I was shooting for free, trying to sell the pictures at the dancers, after the show. When I sold the first one, a tango show, a said to myself: "I can do something that people like!"

Your favorite musician(s) to photograph:
Soweto Gospel Choir (one the first concerts I ever shot).

Did you know...
I still use my Nikon FM2 sometimes.

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