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Some recent letters from artists, regarding reviews about their current releases, interviews and other articles.

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To: John Kelman

From: Henry Heillig

Subject: Review of Heillig Manoeuvre Inmotion

Date: April 6, 2004

Hello John,

Thanks so much for the kind review. I'm glad you appreciate my sense of music, as it were. All support appreciated. I will check in at AAJ from time to time to see what's noteworthy.

Regards, Henry Heillig

To: John Kelman

From: Kris Davis

Subject: Review of Kris Davis Lifespan

Date: March 21, 2004

Hi John,

Thanks for the great review and beautiful writing. I have put a copy of it up on my website. Best, Kris

To: John Kelman

From: Suzanne Cloud

Subject: Review of Jim Miller Time If It's Not One Thing...

Date: February 14, 2004

Dear John,

Jim emailed me your review yesterday and I find myself doing something that I've never done before—responding to a critical review. To Jim's surprise, I liked what you wrote because you were able to convey the disjointedness and unease you felt over the last two cuts. You were honest.

You wrote:

"The majority of If It’s Not One Thing , in the final analysis, pales behind the final two tracks, and these pieces, in their attempt to convey a deep set of emotions, are at the same time successful as pieces of art and quite possibly exaggerated and unnecessary."

It's hard to think of art as exaggerated and unnecessary, but your phrase really conveys your ambivalence. Believe it or not, I was hoping reviewers would go deeper as you did.

As for your claim of possible exploitation. This was something I worried about at first, but as I thought through the problem, I realized that the people watching the horrifying spectacle on TV (as I was) were also mentally in those buildings imagining the horror and weeping for the tragedy of the moment. Now people talk about the 3,000 that died there, but forget that these people had names, children, lovers and they desperately wanted to see them again. Art sometimes can be unbearable and I agree with you that it's very difficult to listen to the piece more than once. (Lots of tears in the mix down!) But art is humankind's response to emotional events and needs to say its piece. It may be exaggerated (as was the drama of the actual event), but it is always necessary. To paraphrase Gary Giddens, "Art doesn't always give us what we want, but it gives us what we need."

Thanks and take care,

Suzanne Cloud

To: Rex Butters

From: Joe Giardullo

Subject: Review of Joe Giardullo 4tet Now Is

Date: October 9, 2003

Many thanks for your thoughtful, considered and kind words about NOW IS.

It's a special recording for me- I think the first time that the sound of McPhee's soprano and mine has really been captured. And the overall feeling touches on the things that made me a musician in the first place.

And thanks to AAJ for covering all the music, and doing it so well - not an easy thing to do, for sure.

Best regards

Joe Giardullo

To: Walter Kolosky

From: John McLaughlin

Subject: Thanks

Date: August 11, 2003

Dear Walter- Just a word of thanks for all the time and effort you have put into the special section reviewing my work over all the years. Please tell your friends at Allaboutjazz to keep up the great and important work of supporting the music.

John McLaughlin

To: Mark Carroto

From: Joe Giardullo

Subject: Thanks

Date: August 6, 2003

Thanks for your close listening and kind words. I couldn't be more happy with your thoughts on freedom.

You know, the anarchists (Emma Goldman, et al) didn't espouse chaos. What they said was - what can government do for me that we cannot do for ourselves?

In free improvisation, perhaps it's why do I need order imposed from outside, when I can impose all I might require from inside (individually and collectively).

Best regards

Joe Giardullo

To: Roger Crane

From: Karrin Allyson

Subject: Review of Karrin Allyson In Blue

Date: July 30, 2003

Dear Roger

Sometimes one even learns something from a review (not always if they like what you do or not) I appreciate your love & care for the music & who you write about. You are also a great source for tunes! Thanks Roger. Karrin Allyson.

To: Roger Crane

From: Jackie Ryan

Subject: Review of Jackie Ryan Passion Flower

Date: July 29, 2003

Dear Roger,

Thank you for the wonderful review you gave to my CD, Passion Flower in All About Jazz . I love the quote, "In a rational world Jackie Ryan would be considered a national treasure!" ! Thank you! You are so knowledgeable about obscure tunes and you have such a musical ear. It is so refreshing to read your reviews in general because they are so well written. Your writing is like the best jazz!! A real pleasure!

Yours truly, Jackie

To: Dr. Judith Schlesinger

From: Marvin Stamm

Subject: Shrinktunes Are-ee-ess-pee-EE-cee-tee


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