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February 50th Anniversary Blue Notes & More

Read "February 50th Anniversary Blue Notes & More" reviewed by Marc Cohn

This week on Gift & Messages we mark 50th anniversary of Blue Note releases from February 1970 by flautist Jeremy Steig (Wayfaring Stranger with Eddie Gomez on bass), McCoy Tyner (Extensions with Wayne Shorter, Gary Bartz and Alice Coltrane), and Duke Pearson (I Don't Care Who Knows It), as well as BN-18 from Edmond Hall with Charlie Christian. Along the way timeless Charlie Parker (Savoy 936, if you're keeping score) and Sam Rivers, as well as 21st century music from ...


Album Review

Jeremy Steig: Flute Fever

Read "Flute Fever" reviewed by Carlo Wolff

Jeremy Steig's astonishing, trailblazing debut finally gets its compact disk due, 50 years after Columbia released it on vinyl. It was also the debut of Denny Zeitlin, a Bay Area psychiatrist whose singularly imaginative jazz moonlighting has resulted in numerous fearless disks over the past five decades. Backed by veterans Ben Riley on drums and Ben Tucker on bass, the fervent Steig and the marginally less impulsive, if no less creative, Zeitlin alternate standards with classics- to-be by Thelonious Monk, ...


Album Review

Jeremy Steig: Flute Fever

Read "Flute Fever" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Flute Fever, the 1963 Columbia Records debut by flutist Jeremy Steig, has somehow, until now, avoided release on CD. Thanks to reissue producer Jonathan Horwich, Steig's beautifully remastered and packaged freshman recording is now available. And it's not only Steig's premier as a recording artist, it's also a recording first for pianist Denny Zeitlin, on a quartet that's rounded out by veterans Ben Riley on drums, and Ben Tucker on bass. It's a blowing session--no group rehearsal, just ...


Album Review

Jeremy Steig: Flute On The Edge

Read "Flute On The Edge" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Flute On The Edge is a thoroughly enjoyable, if somewhat predictable, jazz release by a flute-led jazz quartet. Jeremy Steig addresses the issue of flute as jazz instrument slightly differently than Francois Richard did on his recent album Ad Infinitum (Effendi, 2006). Most, if not all flute players seem to have the deep need to add vibrato on any note longer than an eighth note. This tick, when added to the flute's natural breathiness, can be grating, at least to ...


Album Review

Jeremy Steig/Vic Juris: Improvised

Read "Improvised" reviewed by Paul Olson

Improvised, the debut duet album from super-veteran flautist Jeremy Steig and almost-as-seasoned guitarist Vic Juris, is just that: an album of almost completely improvised material. Recorded in Steig's home (don't be put off by that, by the way, because home recording has come a long, long way) in a situation where the two musicians played in separate rooms, connected only by headphones to each other, it's spontaneous musical communication of the highest order.The album consists of 22 invented-on-the-spot ...



Jeremy Steig

Read "Jeremy Steig" reviewed by Celeste Sunderland

Artist/flutist Jeremy Steig colored some drawings in a cozy corner of his apartment one night last month, when he spilled a jar of ink. Not a pleasant mess, especially with Frac, Steig's gigantic cat pawing around. So the artist “banished" himself back to his drawing table covered with bamboo pens and Steig Ink (Uncle Arthur invented it). This past February, an armful of Steig's profusely colorful illustrations livened up the Cornelia Street Café's stark white walls. One ...


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