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Album Review

Gloria Bosman: Emzini

Read "Emzini" reviewed by Seton Hawkins

Over the past decade, Gloria Bosman has risen to become one of South Africa's most prominent and successful jazz vocalists, mastering a blend of Afropop, R&B, gospel and straight-ahead jazz. Added to that, she is a powerhouse of a singer: think Miriam Makeba with extra chutzpah.On Emzini Bosman does not stray too far from her tried-and-true formula, no doubt to the great pleasure of her fans. While for the most part the album offers enjoyable listening and few ...


Album Review

Gloria Bosman: The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman

Read "The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman" reviewed by Javier AQ Ortiz

According to a mathematical theory developed by Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt, facial beauty can be measured, represented and standardized through a formula called the Golden Proportion. Indeed, the biological and cultural import of the human face is undeniable and it is quite a fascinating story. One could very well wonder how The Many Faces of Gloria Bosman would rate under a musical version of the Golden Ratio (Phi).

Bosman presents several of her familiar countenances, as well as ...


Album Review

Gloria Bosman: Tranquility

Read "Tranquility" reviewed by Javier AQ Ortiz

Gloria Bosman's Tranquility hark back to a hike through passages in the Maluti mountains in Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom, or Kingdom in the Sky, whereupon one encounters the endangered Lekhala kharatsa, also known in Afrikaans as Kroonaalwyn or Spiral Aloe. In the flora and fauna of South African music, Bosman flowers high and attractive, just as the Aloe polyphylla does. Of course, such a hike requires some effort in order to reap the ensuing tranquility reached when one communes with ...


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