April Blue Note 50th Anniversaries & More

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This week, we salute Blue Note recordings from April, 1969. In addition, we track both sides of Blue Note 8, sides recorded during Blue Note's first day in business in 1939. It's also the 50th anniversary of the Dexter Gordon Tower Of Power/More Power sessions with James Moody. So hit 'play' and enjoy the show.


  • McCoy Tyner "Song for My Lady" from Cosmos (Blue Note) 00:00
  • McCoy Tyner "Vibration Blues" from Cosmos (Blue Note) 07:48
  • McCoy Tyner "Cosmos" from Cosmos (Blue Note) 16:49
  • Duke Pearson "How Insensitive" from How Insensitive (Blue Note) 26:25
  • Herbie Hancock "I Have a Dream" from The Prisoner (Blue Note) 28:58
  • Herbie Hancock "The Prisoner" from The Prisoner (Blue Note) 40:24
  • Herbie Hancock "Firewater (alternate take)" from The Prisoner (Blue Note) 48:51
  • Lou Donaldson "Hot Dog" from Hot Dog (Blue Note) 57:38
  • Lou Donaldson "Turtle Walk" from Hot Dog (Blue Note) 1:09:26
  • Meade Lux Lewis "The Blues, Part 1" from The First Day (Blue Note) 1:17:10
  • Meade Lux Lewis "The Blues, Part 2" from The First Day (Blue Note) 1:22:29
  • Dexter Gordon "Monmartre" from The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige) 1:27:21
  • Dexter Gordon "Sticky Wicket (alternate take)" from The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige) 1:38:20
  • Dexter Gordon "Dinner for One Please, James" from The Complete Prestige Recordings (Prestige) 1:47:56


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