April 2008: AAJ Live Calendar, Your AAJ URL, Adding YouTube Tags to your Profile, and more!

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Dear Fellow Musicians:

All About Jazz continues to develop free tools and services for jazz musicians. You may find other great services out there (like MySpace), but none are committed to jazz and jazz musicians like AAJ. Please support our efforts by spreading the word about our offerings.

Our new calendar service is a time-saving tool that will help you deliver your concert schedule around the web. Our new advertising service allows you to promote your live dates to local AAJ readers. Read on for the details...

  1. Let AAJ Power Your Gig Calendar - Free!
  2. Promote Your Concerts Locally at AAJ
  3. Promote Your Music with "Download of the Day"
  4. Link to Your New AAJ URL
  5. Add YouTube Tags to your Profile
  6. Add Your SonicBids and MySpace URLs to your Profile
  7. Musician Profile Tips

1. Let AAJ Power Your Gig Calendar

The cats down in R&D have been hard at work dreaming up new tools for jazz musicians and have developed AAJ Live Calendar—it's a beaut!

AAJ Live Calendar is a free widget that allows you to enter your calendar information at All About Jazz and deliver it to multiple destinations around the web, including your own website and MySpace page. You'll save time and never have to update the calendar page at these others websites again.

Learn how to add the Live Calendar to your website by clicking the "Put calendar on my website" link on your musician profile page. To find your profile, go to the musician center and search by your name.

This service is a big time saver and we strongly encourage you to try it out.

2. Promote Your Concerts Locally

Web advertising is the most effective way to get the word out and AAJ now offers local advertising options that specifically reach New York readers, Philadelphia readers, Los Angeles readers, Bay area readers and so on. All About Jazz's global reach is growing monthly, but reaching local readers wasn't available - until now.

If you want to promote your concerts at the local level, advertise at AAJ.

See our rates and options.

You can make $250 go a long way in helping you get the word out in any metro area, including NYC.

3. Promote Your Music with "Download of the Day"

The quickest way to spread the word about your new release is to make a track available as an AAJ Download of the Day. You can generate up to 1500 downloads in 10 days and best of all, this service is FREE.

Submit a track today

4. Link to Your New AAJ URL

You can now place a link to your profile page at All About Jazz in your email signature and from your website. Your AAJ profile location (permanent link) is simple to remember...



Brian Blade - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/brianblade

Roy Campbell - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/roycampbell

Matt Jorgensen - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/mattjorgensen

Ellis Marsalis - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/ellismarsalis

Pat Metheny - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/patmetheny

Dave Stryker - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/davestryker

Victor Wooten - http://www.allaboutjazz.com/victorwooten

Please link back to your profile at All About Jazz from your website, your email signature, your blog, etc.

If you haven't yet created a musician profile, go here to get started.

5. Add YouTube Tags to your Profile

Embed YouTube video tags so readers can view your videos right on your AAJ profile page. (Example - scroll to the bottom of the page.)

You can add more than one video!

6. Add Your SonicBids and MySpace URLs to your Profile

Don't forget to add links to your SonicBids, MySpace and Wikipedia pages from your profile.

7. Musician Profile Tips

PROFESSIONALISM COUNTS: Please make your profile look professional. This means using mixed case text, not entering "see website" in your bio box, including reasonably sized images or ensuring links to images are not broken. Include as much information as possible on your profile; you might be making your first impression. See our profile tips for instructions on how to make your profile look its best.

MULTI-EDITOR SUPPORT: Your profile can be maintained by a third party, like a family member, friend, manager or publicist. However, to become your profile editor, this third party must click the "Become a [Your Name] Editor" link at the bottom of your profile. We'll assign them access to your profile upon verification. (Example - scroll to the bottom of the page)

As always, we welcome your ideas and input. As AAJ continues to grow and reach more readers, your support becomes even more and more important.

Thanks for reading!
Michael Ricci

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