An Embarrassment of Riches

Jennifer DeMeritt By

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It's a great time to be a jazz lover, with so many fantastic new releases that it's almost overwhelming. To quote Shakespeare, it's an embarrassment of riches! This week we have handpicked some of the most exciting new music, from giants like Bill Frisell and Chris Potter to indie upstarts and international artists like Theon Cross and Hard Swing Mango.

  • Ben Allison "Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00
  • Theon Cross "Activate (feat. Moses Boyd & Nubya Garcia)" Fyah (Gearbox) 0:17
  • Host talks 5:00
  • Chris Potter "The Nerve" Circuits (Edition) 6:46
  • Jasper Blom "Running Gag" Polyphony (Whirlwind) 15:15
  • Hearing Things "Hotel Prison" Here's Hearing Things (Yeggs) 20:24
  • Kassa Overall "What's New With You" Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz (Self-released) 23:22
  • Host talks 27:36
  • Lucian Ban, Alex Simu "Quiet Storm" Free Fall (Sunnyside) 29:39
  • Alex Sipiagin "Rush" NoFo Skies (Blue Room) 35:38
  • Chris Potter "Koutomé" Circuits (Edition) 45:00
  • Jasper Blom "Waltz for Magnus (feat. Bert Joris)" Polyphony (Live at the Bimhuis) (Whirlwind) 51:47
  • Nubiyan Twist "Basa Basa (feat. K.O.G.)" Jungle Run (Strut) 1:00:44
  • Julian Lage "The Windup" Love Hurts (Mack Avenue) 1:06:41
  • Hard Swing Mango "La poule et le coq" Rhapsody (Cristal) 1:10:42
  • Host talks 1:13:19
  • Joris Teepe "Rashied Ali Suite" In the Spirit of Rashied Ali (Jazztribes) 1:16:29
  • Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan "You Only Live Twice" Epistrophy (ECM) 1:28:29
  • Hearing Things "Ideomotor" Here's Hearing Things (Yeggs) 1:36:23
  • Joshua Redman Quartet "I'll Go Mine" Come What May (Nonesuch) 1:41:35
  • Host talks 1:48:45
  • Theon Cross "Candace of Meroe" Fyah (Gearbox) 1:51:08


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