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  • Nubin: Katie Bell (voc), who recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, was the mother of "Sister" Rosetta Tharpe (voc)
  • Oldham: William "Bill" (tb & tuba & b & bs & comp) was the brother of George D. (sax)
  • Oliver: Joe "King" (co) was the uncle of Dave Nelson (tp)
  • Oliver: Sy (tp & arr) was the brother-in-law of Archie "Skip" Hall (p & organ & arr)
  • Osborne: Mary (g & voc & leader) was married to Ralph Scaffidi (tp)
  • Page: Nathen (g & b & p) and Henry (dm) are brothers

  • Paque: Eric "Glyn" (as & cl) was two years younger than his nephew Bernadine "Bert" Curry (sax)
  • Palao: Edgar (violin) was the uncle of Jimmy (sax & violin & alto-horn)
  • Palmer: Gladys (p & voc) was the cousin of Curley & Avery Parrish (both - p)
  • Paquinet: the french trombonist Guy was the father of Andre (tb)
  • Parenti: Tony (cl) was the uncle of August "Augie" Schellang (dm)
  • Parker: Charlie "Yardbird" (as) and his daughter Kim (voc)
  • Parker: singer Dolores was married to Vernon Smith (tp) - both from the Earl Hines Band
  • Parlato: David Charles (b & p) is the son of Charles (tp & voc)
  • Parrish: Curley and Avery (both - p) were brothers and the cousins of Gladys Palmer (p & voc)

  • Pastor/Pestritto: Tony (ts & voc) was the brother of Stubby (tp) and the father of Tony jr. and Guy (both - voc)
  • Patterson: singer Ottilie was the wife of Bandleader Chris Barber (tb)
  • Pauer: Fritz (p) was the step-father of the late Cornelia Giese (voc)
  • Paul: Les - real name: Lester Polfus - (g) was married to Mary Ford (voc)
  • Pawluk: Paul (tp & arr) is married to singer Ines Reiger
  • Payne, Cecil (bs) has a sister Cavril Payne (voc)
  • Payne: Percival "Sonny" (dm) was the adopted son of drummer Chris(topher) Columbus
  • Peacock: Annette (comp & voc & p) - née Coleman - was first married to Paul Bley (p) and later to Gary Peacock (b & p)
  • Pecora(ro): Joseph "Santo" Pecora(ro) (tp) was the uncle of drummer Santo Pecoraro
  • Perkins: Carl (p) was the brother of Ed (b)
  • Perkins: Frank "Red" (tp & as & voc & leader) was the father of Frank jr. (p)

  • Perry: Ray (as & violin) with his brothers Joe (bs) and Bay (dm)
  • Perryman: Rufus "Speckled Red" and Willie "Piano Red" were brothers (both - p & voc)
  • Petit: Joseph (tb) was the stepfather of Buddy (co & leader)
  • Petrocca: Lorenzo (g), Franco (e-b & g), Antonio (dm) and Davide (b) are new 4 swinging brothers - born in Italy, living in Germany.
  • Petrucciani: Michael (p) was the son of Tony (g)
  • Pettiford: Oscar (b & cello) was the son of Harry "Doc" (leader)
  • Peyer: the late Gerhard (b) and his younger brother Helmut "Wicht" (tp & bjo) who is the father of Kurt (bjo & voc)
  • Pickens: Willie and his daughter Bethany - both p
  • Pierce: Wilhelmina "Billie" - née Goodson - (p & voc) and her blind husband Joseph De Lacroix "De De" (tp & voc)

  • Pillars: Charles & Hayes (both - sax) were brothers
  • Pizzarelli: John Paul sr."Bucky" (g) is the nephew of Bobby Domenick (g) and the father of John (g & voc), Mary (g), Martin (b) and Melvin (g) and the uncle of Peter (g) and Dominick (g)
  • Plattner: Helmut (tp & ss & p) and his sons Christian (cl & as & ts) and Bernhard (tb) and his daughter Susanne (g & voc) are an Austrian jazz-family
  • Pleis: Jack (p & arr & leader) was married to ex-Goodman singer Karen Chandler, who used the name: Eve Young
  • Pointer: Ruth (1946), Anita (1948), Patricia "Bonnie" (1950) and June (1953) are sisters (all voc - the POINTER SISTERS)
  • Powell: Bud (p) is the son of William sr. (p) and the brother Richie of (p) and William jr. (tp & violin)
  • Powell: singer Ginnie was married to Boyd Raeburn (bass-sax & leader)

  • Pozo: the percussionists Chano (Luciano Pozo y Gonzales) and Chino (Francisco) were cousins
  • Pratt: Bobby and Norman are brothers (both - tb)
  • Preston: Eddie (tp) is a cousin of Bobbi Humphrey (as & fl)
  • Previn: André (p & comp) was married to singer Betty Bennett
  • Prima: Leon (tp) had a sister Mary Ann (p) and was the older brother of Louis (tp & voc) who was the husband of Keely Smith (voc)
  • Procope: Russel and his brother Bill (both - sax & cl)
  • Profit: Herman was the father of Clarence (both - p)
  • Pullen: Don Gabriel (p & organ &comp) is the nephew of Clyde "Fats" Wright (p)
  • Purim: Flora (voc) and her husband Airto Moreira (perc)
  • Purnell: Alton (p & voc) and his older brother Theodore "Wiggles" (cl & sax)

  • Pyne: Chris (tb) is the older brother of Mick (p & violin & co) from England
  • Ra: see Sun Ra
  • Raeburn: Boyd (bass-sax & leader) war married to Ginnie Powell (voc)
  • Raney: Jimmy and his son Doug (both g)
  • Redd: Alton (dm) was the father of Elvira "Vi" (ss & as & voc), who married Richie Goldberg (dm)
  • Redman: Dewey (ts), who believes that Don (as & arr & leader) and his brother Lewis (leader) were his uncles, and his son Joshua (ts)
  • Reed: Waymon (tp & arr) was married to singer Sarah Vaughan
  • Reeves: Reuben (tp) and Gerald (tb) were brothers
  • Reichenbach: Bill sr. (dm) is the father of Bill jr. (tb)
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