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  • McLean: John (g) was the father of Jackie (as) and the grandfather of Rene (ts & as & fl)
  • McPartland: James Duigald "Jimmy" (co & voc) was the husband of Marian - née Turner - (p) and the brother of Richard George "Dick" (g & bjo)
  • McRae: the singer Carmen was married to Kenny Clarke (dm) and Ike Isaaks (b)
  • McRae: Theodore "Teddy" (ts & arr) was the brother of Bobby (g & tp) and Dave (as & bs)
  • McShann: Jay (p & leader & voc) has a drumming cousin Pete
  • McVea: Jack (saxophones & cl) and his father Isaac "Satchel" (bjo & leader)

  • Meiri: Eli (p) is the husband of Timna Brauer (voc)
  • Melhardt: Axel (voc & list-maker) is the grand-nephew of Antonin Dworzak (comp)
  • Melrose: Frank and Charles were brothers (both - p)
  • Memphis Minnie: the blues-singer was first married to Joe "Kansas" McCoy (g & voc) and then to Ernest "Little Son Joe" Lawler (g & voc)
  • Merrill: singer Helen (real name: Milcetic) was married to Aaron Sachs (cl & ts)
  • Metheny: Pat (g) and the older brother Mike (flugelhorn)
  • Metz: Ed sr. (p) is the father of Ed jr. (dm)
  • Middleton: Velma (voc) and her brother Emmanuel (b)
  • Miles: singer Lizze - real name: Elizabeth Mary Pajaud, née Landreaux - was the step-sister of Herb (tp) and Maurice (dm) Morand
  • Miley: James Wesley "Bubber" Miley (co) was the brother of the "South Carolina Trio" - his sisters Connie, Rose and Murdis (all - voc), their father was Valentine (g)
  • Miller: Alton "Glenn" (tb & arr & leader) was the older brother of Herb (tp & leader)

  • Mills: John, Sr. (1889) was the father of John, Jr., Herbert (1912), Harry F. (1913) and Donald (1915) (all voc - the MILLS BROTHERS)
  • Mingus: Charles (b & leader) was the nephew of Stanley "Fess" Williams (cl & as & leader)
  • Mitchell: Keith Moore "Red" (b & p & voc) was the older brother of Gordon B. "Whitey" (b)
  • Moffit: Charles (dm) and his son Charnette (b)
  • Möller: Claus-Jürgen (cl) is the older brother of the late german boogie-woogie-pioneer George (p)
  • Moncur: Grachan II (b) was the father of Grachan III (tb) and the half-brother of Al Cooper (as & bandleaderof the "Savoy Sultans")
  • Mondello: Toots (as) and Pete (ts) were brothers
  • Monk: Thelonious (p) and his son T.S. (dm)
  • Montgomery: Wes (g) and his brothers Buddy (p & vibes) and Monk (b)
  • Moore: Eddie (b) was the cousin of Merl Saunders (organ)

  • Moore: Marilyn (voc) was married to Al Cohn (ts) and is the mother of Joe Cohn (g)
  • Moore: Oscar formed "Three Blazers" with his brother Johnny (both - g)
  • Morand: the brothers Herb (tp) and Maurice (dm) and her step-sister Lizzie Miles (voc)
  • Moreira: Airto (perc) and his wife Flora Purim (voc)
  • Moret: Lenair was the father of George (both - co)
  • Morgan: Russ (tb & arr) and his sons Jack (tb) & David (g)
  • Morgan: Sam (tp), Isaiah (tp), Andrew (cl & sax) and Albert (b) were brothers
  • Morris: Thomas (co) was the uncle of Marlow (p & organ & arr)
  • Morrison: Superstar James (tp & tb & sax & p & tuba) has a brother: John (dm)

  • Morrow: Buddy - real name: Muni "Moe" Zukedoff - (tb) and his brother Al (tp)
  • Moss: the england-born Australian Danny (ts) is married to Jeannie Lamb (voc)
  • Most: Abraham "Abe" (cl) is the older brother of Sam (fl & cl & as)
  • Moten: Bandleader Bennie (p) and his brother Buster (acc)
  • Muehlhofer: Fred(vard) (dm & organ) is the older brother of Anton "Toni" (dm & perc)
  • Muthspiel: Wolfgang (g) and his brother Christian (tb)
  • Myers: Hubert Maxwell "Bumps" (as & ts & bs) was married to Evelyne (voc) who became later Mrs.Marshall Royal (as)
  • Napoleon: Filippo Napoli "Phil" (tp & bandleader) was the uncle of George Napoli "Teddy" and Matthew Napoli "Marty" (both - p)
  • Nash: Ted (ts) and his younger brother Dick (tb)
  • Navarro: Theodore "Fats" (tp) was a distant relative of Charlie Shavers (tp)

  • Neal: Both Aubrey and Bobbie were leader of the 20-ies and 30-ies
  • Nell: Thomas (tp) is the cousin of Udo Ehmsen (bjo & g & tp)
  • Nelson: Dave (tp) was the nephew of Joe "King" Oliver (co)
  • Nelson: Louis (tb) was the older brother of George (sax)
  • Nestico: see Nistico
  • Newborn: Phineas jr. (p & tp & ts & french-horn) is the older brother of Calvin (g & fl & p) - their father was Phineas sr. (dm & leader)
  • Newman: Bob (ts) was married to Norma Carson (tp)
  • Newman: Dwight (p) was the father of Joe (tp & voc)

  • Nicholas: Albert (cl) was the nephew of "Wooden Joe" Nicholas (co & cl)
  • Nichols: Walter (tp) was the uncle of Herbert Horatio "Herbie" (p & comp)
  • Nichols: Loring jr. "Red" (co) was the son of Loring sr. (co & tp)
  • Nistico: Sal(vatore) Nistico (ts) was the much younger cousin of Sam(uel) L. Nestico (tb & arr) whose name at birth was Sal Nistico
  • Noone: Jimmy (cl) was the father of Jimmy jr. (ts)
  • Normand: Germaine (p) is the mother of Emile R. "Cisco" (dm & p & vibes & comp)
  • Normann: Charlie (p) is the father of Paer (g) from Sweden
  • Norvo: Red - real name: Kenneth Norville - (vibes) was the husband of Mildred Bailey (voc)
  • Novosel: Steve (b) was married to Roberta Flack (voc & p)
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