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  • Abrams: Ray - real name: Raymond Abramson - (ts) is the older brother of Lee - real name: Leon - (dm)
  • Adams: singer Edie Adams was married to Pete Candoli (tp)
  • Adderley: Julian "Cannonball" (as) and his kid-brother Nat (co), whose son Nat jr. plays p & g & cl & fl and sings
  • Aiken: Gus "Rice" (tp) was the younger brother of Gene "Bud" (tp & tb)
  • Akiyoshi: Toshiko (p) was first married to Charlie Mariano (as) and then to Lew Tabackin (ts)
  • Albert: "Don" Albert (tp) - real name: Albert Dominique - was the nephew of Natty Dominique (co)
  • Aldebert: Louis J. (p & voc & comp) is married to Monique - née Monique Dozo - (voc)
  • Alden: Howard (g) is the husband of Terrie Richards (voc)
  • Allen: Henry (tp) was the father of Henry "Red" (tp & voc)
  • Allen: Pete(r) (cl & ss & as & voc) is the son of Bernie (bjo) from England
  • Allred: Bill & son John (both tb)
  • Alsop: William M. (as) was married to Olive "Inez" (p)
  • Alston: Ovie (tp & voc) was the father of Jean Davis (voc) who is the mother of Miles Dewey "Jeff" Davis (tp & fluegelhorn & comp & leader)
  • Altwirth: Heinz (tp & b) and Norbert Vas (tb & b) and Christian Zahn (vibes & dm) are brothers-in-law
  • Alvin: Danny - real name: Viniello - (dm) was the father of Teddy Walters (g & voc)
  • Ambrosetti: father Flavio (as) & his son Franco (tp) from Switzerland
  • Ammons: boogie-woogie pioneer Albert (p) and son Gene "Jug" (ts)
  • Andrews: Patty (1920), Maxene (1918) and Laverne (1915) were sisters (all voc - the ANDREWS SISTERS)
  • Anthony: Ray - real name: Raymond Antonini - (bandleader & tp) was the brother of Lee Roy "Leo" (bs)
  • Armstrong: Louis (tp & voc) and his 2nd wife Lil(lian) Hardin-Armstrong (p)
  • Assunto: Jacob "Papa Jac" (tb & bjo) was the father of Frank (tp) & Fred (tb) of the "Dukes of Dixieland"
  • Austin: Lovie - real name: Cora Calhoun - (p & comp & leader) was the mother of Patricia (voc)
  • Autrey: Herman (tp & voc) was the son of tuba.player Moses
  • Ayler: Edward (sax & violin) was the father of Albert (sax) and his brother Donald (tp)
  • Babs: Alice - real name: Alice Nilson - (voc) is the daughter of Jean Nilson (p & comp) and the mother of Titti Breitholz (voc)
  • Baculis: Al(phonse) (cl & sax & p) is the brother-in-law of Ron Collier (comp)
  • Bailey: Buster (cl) was the Cousin of Albert W. "Happy" Caldwell (ts)
  • Bailey: Derek (g) is the nephew of George Wing (g)
  • Bailey: drummer Donald Orlando is the brother of Maurice (ts & dm)
  • Bailey: Mildred (voc) was the wife of Red Norvo (vibes) and the sister of Al Rinker (voc)
  • Bailey: Pearl (voc) was married to Louis Bellson (dm)
  • Baker: Harold "Shorty" (tp) was the 2nd husband of Mary Lou Williams (p & arr) and the brother of Winfield (tb)
  • Baker: Josephine (voc) was the daughter of Eddie Carson (dm)
  • Balaban: Barley (p & leader) was the father of Leonard J. "Red" (b & voc)
  • Banks: Paul (p & leader) and Clifton (cl & sax) were brothers
  • Baquet: Theogene Baquet was the leader of the Excelsior Brass Band and the father of George who was the older brother of Achille (both - cl) who were both brothers-in-law of Bunk Johnson
  • Barbarin: Isidore (alto-horn) was the father of Paul (older brother) and Louis (both dm), both were uncles of Danny Barker (g) and John Brunois (tp)
  • Barber: Chris (tb & leader) was the husband of singer Ottilie Patterson
  • Barbour: Don (g & voc) and Ross (tp & dm & voc) of the "Four Freshman" were brothers
  • Barefield: Eddie (saxophones & cl & arr) was the father of Dolores (voc)
  • Barker: Danny (g) was the nephew of Paul & Louis Barbarin (both - dm) and married to the singer Blue Lu
  • Barksdale: Everett (g) was married to Victoia (p)
  • Barnard: Bob (co) is the younger brother of Lem (dm) - Australia
  • Barnes: Emile was the older brother of Paul D. "Polo" (both - cl)
  • Barone: Gary (tp) is the younger brother of Mike (tb), their father Joe played tp with Bob Crosby
  • Barron: Kenny (p) is the younger brother of Bill (sax)
  • Bascomb: Paul (ts) was the brother of Wilbur "Dud" (tp) and Arthur (p)
  • Bass: the R&B-singer Fontella was married to Lester Bowie (tp)
  • Bates: Bob was the older brother of Norman and Jim (all - b)
  • Bauduc: Jules sr. (tp) was the father of Jules jr. and Ray (both - dm)
  • Bauer: Conny (tb) is the older brother of Johannes (tb) from former eastern-Germany
  • Beal: Charlie was the older brother of Eddie (both p & comp)
  • Bechet: Sidney (cl & ss) and his brothers Leonard (tb) and Joseph (g) and his son Daniel Sidney Bechet Jr. (dm) - now performing in France
  • Bell: the australian brothers Graeme (leader & comp & p) and Roger (tp)
  • Bellson: Louie - real name: Louis Balassoni - (dm) was married to singer Pearl Bailey
  • Benford: tuba-player Bill was the older brother of Tommy (dm)
  • Bennett: singer Betty was married to André Previn (p & comp)
  • Bennett: the never recorded but legendary tp-player Theodore "Cuban" was the cousin of Benny Carter (as & tp & leader & arr)
  • Berigan: Rowland Bernart "Bunny" (tp & voc) and Don (dm) were brothers
  • Berry: Leon "Chu" had a brother Nelson (both - ts)
  • Berton: Victor (dm & perc & vibes) was the brother of Ralph (dm) who was one of the first jazz-writers
  • Bertrand: Jimmy (dm) was the cousin of Andrew Hilaire (dm)
  • Bess: Frank (co & tb) was the father of Druie R. (tb)
  • Bey: Andy (p & voc) and his sisters Salome and Geraldine (both - voc)
  • Bigard: Emile (violin) was the uncle of Alex (dm) and Barney (cl & ts) and of their cousin Anatie "Natty" Dominique (co)
  • Bishop: Walter jr. (p) was the son of Walter sr. (comp - "Swing, Brother, Swing")
  • Blanton: Jimmy Blanton (b) was the cousin of Wendell Marshall who followed him in the Ellington Orchestra
  • Blair: singer Janet was married to Joe "Fingers" Carr (p)
  • Bley: Carla (p & leader) is the wife of Mike Mantler (tp) and the mother of Karen Mantler (p & voc); her 1st husband was Paul Bley (p), who later married Annette Peacock (comp & voc & p) - née Coleman -, who was formerly married to Gary Peacock (b & p)
  • Bloom: Rube (p & comp) was the older brother of Milton "Mickey" (tp)
  • Bocage: Peter (violin & tp & tb & bjo & xyl) was the brother of Harry (b) and Leonard (bjo & g)
  • Bohannon: Hoyt (tb) was the father of Steve (dm & organ)
  • Bontemps: Willie "Bontin" (b & g & bjo) was the uncle of Zutty Singleton (dm)
  • Boswell: Connie "Connee" (sax & tb & p & cello) (1907), Martha (p) (1908) and Helvetia "Vet" (violin) (?) (all voc - the BOSWELL SISTERS)
  • Bourke: Jerome "Romie" was the brother of Arthur Gibbs (p)
  • Boutté: singer Lillian ist married to reed-player Thomas l'Etienne
  • Bowie: Lester (tp), Joseph (tb) and Byron (sax) are brothers
  • Bowles: Russel (tb) was the brother of Elizabeth (tb) who was married to Jonah Jones (tp)
  • Boyer: Ann - the singer of the bands led by Artie Shaw and Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey - was married to Bob Dukoff (ts)
  • Bowie: Lester (tp), who married the R&B-singer Fontella Bass is the older brother of Joseph (tb)
  • Brackeen: JoAnne - née Grogan - (p) is the wife of Charles (sax)
  • Bradford: Bobby Lee (tp & comp) is the father of Dennis (dm)
  • Bradley: Will (tb & leader) - real name: Wilbur Schwichtenberg - is the father of William Ackerson "Will jr." (dm)
  • Brannon: Humphrey J. "Reddy" (p & arr & comp) was a cousin of Babs Gonzales (voc)
  • Brauer: singer Timna is married to Eli Meiri (p)
  • Brecker: Michael (ts) is the younger brother of Randy (tp), who is married to Eliane Elias (p) from Brazil
  • Breinschmid: Martin (vibes & dm) is the older brother of Georg (b)
  • Breitholz: Titti (voc) is the daughter of Alice Babs (voc)
  • Brewer: singer Teresa married record-producer Bob Thile
  • Bridgewater: singer Denise "Dee Dee" - née Garrett - married Cecil Vernon (tp & arr & comp), whose bother Ron plays sax
  • Briggs: Arthur (tp) and Pete (tuba & b) were cousins, their uncle was Crickett Smith (tp)
  • Brignola: Chick and Nick (bs & saxophones & fl) ?
  • Brom: Gustav (leader & cl) and his son Gustav jr. (bass-tb) from Prague
  • Brooks: Randy (tp) was married to bandleader Ina Rae Hutton
  • Broonzy: Big Bill (g & voc) was the half-brother of Robert "Washboard Sam" Brown (voc & wb)
  • Brown: Boyce - later as "Brother Matthew" in a monastery - (as & cl) had a brother Harvey (g)
  • Brown: Cleo (voc & p) and her brother Everett (p)
  • Brown: Clifford (tp) and Clifford, III ?
  • Brown: Lawrence (tb) and brother Harold (p)
  • Brown: bandleader Les (as) was the brother of Stumpy (tb & voc)
  • Brown: Ray (b) and his wife Ella Fitzgerald (voc)
  • Brown: Robert "Washboard Sam" (voc & wb) was the half-brother of Big Bill Broonzy (voc & g)
  • Brown: Steve (b) was the older brother of Tom "Red" (tb)
  • Brown: Vernon (tb) was married zu Edythe Harper (voc)
  • Brubeck: Dave (p) and his sons Darius (p & tp), Chris (e-b & bass-tb) and Danny (dm)
  • Brunis: George (tb) was the brother of Albert "Abbie" (tp) and Merrit (tp) and Harry (tb)
  • Brunois: John (tp) was the nephew of Paul and Luis Barbarin (both - dm)
  • Bryant: Ray (p) and his older brother Tommy (b) are the uncles of the Eubanks-brothers
  • Bryson: Jeanie (voc) is the daughter of Dizzy Gillespie (tp & voc)
  • Buckner: Milt (organ & p & vibes) was the brother of Ted (as) and George (tb), they all were nephews of John Tobias (tb)
  • Bunch: Frank (p) and Carl (bjo) were brothers
  • Bunn: Teddy (g & voc) and Kenneth (violin) were brothers
  • Bunnett: Jane (ss & fl) is married to Larry Cramer (tp)
  • Burch: pianoplayer John was associated with Kathy Stobart (all saxophones)
  • Burnett: Joe (tp) was married to Irene Kral (voc)
  • Butterfield: Billy (tp) was married to singer Dotty Dare Smith
  • Byrd: Charlie (g) and his younger brother Joe (b & g)
  • Caceres: Ernie (cl & bs) and his brothers Emilio (violin) and Pinero (tp & p) and their cousins Johnny Gomez (g) and Henry Falcon Cuesta (cl & as)
  • Cahn/Kahn: Sammy Cahn (songwriter) and son Steve Kahn (g)
  • Cain: singer Jackie was married to Roy Kral (p)
  • Cairns: Forrie (cl) is younger the brother of John (p)
  • Caldwell: Albert W. "Happy" (ts) was the cousin of Buster Bailey (cl)
  • Calloway: Cab(ell) and his sister Blanche (both voc & band-leaders), his brother Elmer (leader) and his daughter Chris (voc)
  • Calmeyer: Ole (p) was married to Barbara Kay Donald (tp & p & voc)
  • Cameron: singer Ruth is married to Charlie Haden (b)
  • Campbell: drummer Floyd was the brother-in-law of Johnny Dunn (tp)
  • Candoli: Walter Joseph "Pete", who was married to singer Edie Adams, and his younger brother Secondo "Conte" (both tp)
  • Carey: Thomas "Mutt" (tp) was the younger brother of Jack (tb & leader of the "Crescent Brass Band" of N.O.) and Peter - the oldest brother (alto-horn)
  • Carlson: Frank L. (dm) was the brother of Tony (b)
  • Carney: Harry Howell (bs) had a pianoplaying brother (Ray)
  • Carr: Ian (tp & flugelhorn & key) is the older brother of Mike (p & comp) from Scotland
  • Carr: Joe "Fingers" - real name: Lou(is) F. Busch - (p) was married to the singers Janet Blair and Margaret Whiting
  • Carroll: Barbara - real name: Barbara Carole Coppersmith - (p) and Joe Shulman (b) were a couple
  • Carson: Eddie (dm) was the father of Josephine Baker (voc)
  • Carson: Norma (tp) was married to Bob Newman (ts)
  • Carter: Benny (as & tp & leader & arr) was the cousin of the never-recorded Theodore "Cuban" Bennett (tp) and of Darnell Howard (cl)
  • Carter: Charles jr. "Chuck" (dm) is the son of Charles sr. (dm) and a cousin of Gerald Wilson (tp & arr & leader)
  • Cary: Marc (p) is the great-grandson of Mae York Smith (p) who played with Eubie Blake
  • Carver: Wayman jr. Alexander (cl & sax & fl & comp)) was the son of Wayman sr. (cl)
  • Carvin: Henry (dm) is the father of Michael (dm)
  • Castle: Lee - real name: Castaldo - (tp) and his brother Charles (tb)
  • Cathcart: Jimmy (p), Tom (?) and Dick - the most prominent - (tp) were brothers, Jimmy & Tom were also brothers-in-law because they married the twin-sisters Lyn & Lee Wilde (both - voc)
  • Chaix: swiss pianist Henry married the mother of his ex-wife who had married Earl Warren (as & cl) - so Henry is the step-father-in-law of Earl Warren
  • Chamblee: Eddie (ts) and his wife Dinah Washington (voc)
  • Chandler: Karen (voc) worked under the name: "Eve Young" for Benny Goodman and was married to Jack Pleis (p & arr & leader)
  • Chaput: Roger was the cousin of Django Reinhardt (both - g)
  • Cheatham: Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham (tp & voc) was the grandfather of Theo Crocker (tp)
  • Cheatham: Jeannie (p & voc) and Jimmy (tb & voc) are a couple and not related to Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham
  • Cherry: Don (tp & co & pocket-co) and his sister Jane (violin & voc)
  • Christian: Charles (tb), Emile (tb) and Frank (co) were brothers
  • Christian: Charles "Charlie" (g) was the son of Clarence (g & voc) and the brother of Edward (p & b) and the cousin of Gene Russel (p)
  • Christie: Keith (tp) is the older brother of Jan (reeds) in England
  • Christy: singer June was married to Bob Cooper (ts & oboe & french horn)
  • Claire: the vocalists Dorothy, Betty, Judy and Debbie were sisters
  • Clarke: drummer Kenny was married to singer Carmen McRae
  • Clarke: Pete (cl & as & bs), Dick (tp) and Arthur "Babe" ( sax) were brothers
  • Clayton: John (b & arr & leader) and his kid-brother Jeff (as)
  • Cless: George "Rod" (cl) was the brother-in-law of Bud Freeman(ts)
  • Clooney: Rosemarie and Betty (both voc) were sisters
  • Cline: Alex (perc) and Nels (g) are brothers
  • Cobb: Junie C. (cl & sax & bjo & p & leader) was the brother of Jimmy (co)
  • Cobb: drummer Wilbur James "Jimmy" was married to Dinah Wahington (voc)
  • Cobham: William C. "Billy" (dm) is the son of William sr. (p)
  • Cohn: Al (ts) was married to the singers Mary Ann McCall and Marilyn Moore who is the mother of his son Joe (g)
  • Cole: William Randolph "Cozy" (dm) and Teddy & Donald (both - p) were brothers
  • Cole: Nat "King" - real name: Nathaniel Adams Coles - (p & voc) and his wife Marie Hawkins (voc), their daughter Natalie (voc) and his brothers Freddie (p & voc) and Isaacs "Ike" (p & comp)
  • Cole: Rupert (as & cl) was the father of Ronnie (dm & vibes)
  • Coleman: Ornette (sax) and his son Denardo (dm)
  • Collier: Ron (comp) is the brother-in-law of Al Baculis (cl & sax & p)
  • Collins: John (g) was the son of Georgia Gorham (p & leader)
  • Collins: Lee (tp & voc) was the son of John (tp)
  • Collins: Richard "Dick" (tp) was the son of Fred (p & leader)
  • Colomby: Robert Wayne "Bobby" (dm), Jules (tp) and Harry (manager of Th.Monk) were brothers
  • Coltrane: John (ts), his wife Alice - née McLeod - (p & organ & harp), who is the sister of Ernie Farrow (b), and their son Ravi (ts) and Miki Coltrane ?
  • Colston: painist Mary was the wife of Andrew Dewey "Andy" Kirk (bass-sax & bs & tuba & leader) and the mother of Andy jr. (ts)
  • Columbus: Chris (dm) was the father of Sonny Payne (dm)
  • Colyer: Ken (tp & g) is the brother of Bill (wb)
  • Combelle: Alix (cl & as) was the father of Philippe (dm) from France
  • Compton: J.Glover (p) was the husband of Nettie Lewis (voc)
  • Conaway: Sterling (bjo & mand) was the brother of Lincoln (g & bjo)
  • Cooper: Al (as & bandleader) was the half-brother of Grachan Moncur II (b)
  • Cooper: Bob (ts & oboe & french horn) was married to June Christy
  • Coppieters: the belgian pianoplayer & organist Fernand was the father of Francis (p)
  • Cornelius: Ed "Corky" was married to Irene Daye (voc)
  • Cottrell: Louis sr. (dm) was the father of Louis jr. (cl & ts)
  • Courvoisier: Sylvie (p & prepared p) and Mark Feldman (violin) are a couple
  • Courtley: Bert (tp) was married to Kathy Stobart (sax)
  • Cox: bluessinger Ida war married to Jesse Crump (p)
  • Coy: Gene (dm & leader) was married to Ann (p)
  • Coycault: Ernest "Nenny" (co) was the older brother of Phil (cl)
  • Cramer: Larry (tp) is married to Jane Bunnett (ss & fl)
  • Crawley: the brothers Wilton & Jimmy both played cl and sang
  • Creath: Charles (tp & as & leader) and his sisters Marge, who was married to Zutty Singleton (dm), and Pauline (both - p)
  • Crocker: Theo (tp) is the grandson of Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham (tp & voc)
  • Crosby: Bing (voc) with his brother Bob (bandleader & voc) and son Gary (voc)
  • Crouch: Stanley (dm), Sam (p) and contemporary gospel-singer Andrae are cousins
  • Crumbley: George (tp) and Elmer (tb) were brothers
  • Crump: Jesse (p) was married to bluessinger Ida Cox
  • Cuesta: Henry Falcon (cl & as) was a cousin of the Caceres brothers
  • Cullaz: the french guitar-player Pierre is the older brother of Alby (b) - their father is Maurice (jazz-producer & critic)
  • Culley: Wendel Philips (tp) and Ray (dm) were brothers
  • Cullum: James "Jim jr." (co) followed his father Jim sr. (cl) a the leader of the San Antonio-based "Happy Jazz" Band
  • Curry: Bernadine "Bert" (sax) was two years older than his uncle Eric "Glyn" Paque (cl & sax)
  • D'Ambrosia: singer Meredith is ,arried to Eddie Higgins (p)
  • Dale: Joe (dm) was married to Krupa-Singer Carolyn Grey
  • Dameron: Tadley Edward "Tadd" (p & comp) was the brother of Caesar (as)
  • Dance: the jazz-writers Stanley and Helen Oakley were a couple
  • Daniels. Wilbur and Douglas ?
  • Dankworth: John (sax & leader) and his wife Cleo Laine (voc) and their son Alec Dankworth (b)
  • Dauner: Wolfgang (p & comp) is thefather of Florian (dm & perc)
  • Davis: Miles Dewey "Jeff" Davis (tp & fluegelhorn) is the son of Jean Alston-Davis (voc) and the grandson of Ovie Alston (tp & voc)
  • Daye: singer Irene was married to Ed "Corky" Cornelius and Charlie Spivak (leader & tp)
  • Dearie: pianist-singer Blossom was married to Bobby Jasper (ts & fl) from Belgium
  • Dedrick: Lyle F. "Rusty" (tp & comp) was the brother of Arthur (tb)
  • DeFrancesco: Joey (tp & organ) and Papa John (hammond-organ)


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