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  • Teagarden: pianist Helen - née Geingar - was the mother of Jack (tb & voc), Charlie (tp), Norma - married name: Friedlander - (p) and Clois Lee "Cub" (dm)
  • Temple: Esther B. (voc & p) was the mother of Clye Hurley (co & tp)
  • Terharen: Walter (tb & p) is the brother-in-law of Alfons Wuerzl (cl & ss & voc)
  • Tharpe: "Sister" Rosetta (voc) was the daughter of gospel-singer Katie Bell Nubin (who recorded with Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Thigpen: Benjamin F. "Ben" (dm) is the father of Ed (dm)
  • Thiele: record-producer Bob married Singer Teresa Brewer
  • Thomas: Joseph Lewis "Joe" (tp) was married to Babe Matthews (voc)
  • Thomas: Hershal (p) was the uncle of Hociel (voc) and the brother of Sippie Wallace (voc)
  • Thomas: Walter "Foots" was the older brother of Joseph jr. "Joe" (both - saxophones)
  • Thompson: Barbara (sax & fl) is married to John Hiseman (dm & leader)
  • Thompson: canadian pianoplayer Art war married to the british saxophonist Kathy Stobart
  • Thornton: Clifford Edward III (co & v-tb & comp & perc & shenai) is the nephew of Jimmy (p) and Alease (organ) Golden
  • Tilton: the Goodman-singer Martha and the Bob-Crosby-singer Elizabeth "Liz" were sisters
  • Tio: "Papa" Luis was the older brother of Lorenzo sr., who was the father of Lorenzo jr. (all - cl)
  • Tippetts: Keith (p) is married to the singer Julie, who is the daughter of Reg Driscoll (tp)
  • Tobias: John (tb) was the uncle of Milt Bucker (organ)
  • Tobin: ex-Goodman singer Louise was married to Harry James (tp) and is now the wife of Michael Andrew "Peanuts" Hucko (cl & ts)
  • Towles: Phil "Charlie" (b) was the father of Nat (b & leader)
  • Toyfl: blues-singer Petra is the sister of Markus (g)
  • Trenier: Claude and Clifford (both - voc & leader) were twins and their younger brother Milton (voc)
  • Tristano: Lenny (p) and his daughter Carol (dm)
  • Troup: Robert William "Bobby" (p & voc & comp) was married to Julie London (voc)
  • Trumbauer: Frankie (c-melody-sax & multi-instrumentalist & voc) was the father of Bill (tp)
  • Turrentine: Stanley (ts), who was married to Shirley Scott (organ), and his older brother Tommy (tp)
  • Urbanek: Kurt is the father of Paul (both - p & organ)
  • Urbaniak: Michal (violin & ts & leader) is the husband of singer Urszula Dudziak of Poland
  • Vaché: Warren Vaché Sr. (b) and his sons Warren Jr. (co) and Allan (cl)
  • Valente: Catharina (voc & g), who made very few but great jazz recordings, is the sister of Silvio Francesco (voc & g & cl)
  • VanEps: Fred (bjo) was the father of George (g) - the most important one - and his brothers Bobby (p), Freddy (tp) and John (ts)
  • VanRooyen: Ack (tp) and his twin-brother Jerry (tp & arr) from Holland
  • Vas: Norbert (tb & b) and Heinz Altwith (tp & b) and Christian Zahn (vibes & dm) are brothers-in-law
  • Vaughan: singer Sarah was married to Waymon Reed (tp & arr & cond)
  • Ventura: Charlie - real name: Charles Venturo - (ts) and his brothers Ernie and Ben (both -sax)
  • VerPlanck: Marlene (voc) and her husband Billy (arr)
  • Walder: Herman (as) was the brother of Woodie (cl & sax)
  • Walker: Melissa (voc) and her husband Terell Stafford (tp)
  • Wallace. "Alex (Little Bill" (g & voc) was the father of Leo Smith (tp)
  • Wallace: Sippie - née Belulah Thomas - (voc) was the aunt of Hociel (voc) and the sister of Hershal Thomas (p)
  • Waller: Thomas Wright "Fats" (p & organ & voc & comp) was the father of Thomas W. jr. (p) and Ronald (sax)
  • Walters: Teddy (g & voc) was the son of drummer Danny Alvin
  • Ward: Carlos N. (as & fl & cl & ss) is the nephew of Avinal (p)
  • Ward: Clara (voc) was the daughter of Gertrude (voc) from the Ward-Singers
  • Warnow: Mark (violin) was the brother of Raymond Scott - real name: Harold Warnow - (p & leader)
  • Warren: Earl Ronald (as & cl & voc) was the brother of Bob (dm) - he married the former wife of Henry Chaix (p) who married the mother of his ex-wife - Earl was therefore the step-son-in-law of Henry
  • Washington: Dinah - née Ruth Jones - (voc) was married to Eddie Chamblee (ts) and Jimmy Cobb (dm)
  • Washington: Grover jr. (sax & p & b) is the son of Grover sr. (sax) and the older brother of Darryl (dm)
  • Watanabe: Sadao (sax) and Fumio (dm) are brothers and Takashi Honda (p) is their brother-in-law
  • Waters: Muddy (g & voc) was the half-brother of Otis Spann (p & voc)
  • Watrous: Ralph Waltrous was the father of Bill Watrous (both - tb)
  • Watters: Ken (tp) and his brother Harry (tb)
  • Wayne: singer Frances - real name: Chiarina Francesca Bertocci - was married to Basie-Arranger Neal Hefti (tp) and the sister of Nick Jerret (cl & leader)
  • Webb: drummer-legend Chick was the cousin of Wallace Jones (tp)
  • Weber: Kay (voc) married Bob-Crosby-trombonist Ward Sillaway
  • Webster: Paul Francis (tp) was the nephew of Sam Ford (tp)
  • Weinrich: Alois "Joschi" (rhythm-g) was the father of Alois "Zipflo" (violin)
  • Weiss: Häns'che (g & voc) is the uncle of Romani (g) und Martin (violin)
  • Weston: Paul Weston (arr & tp) was married to singer Jo Stafford.
  • Weston: Randy (p) and his son Azzedin (perc)
  • Whatley: John Tuggle "Fess" (tp & leader) was the brother of Edward (sax)
  • Whiting: singer Margaret was married to Joe "Fingers" Carr (p)
  • White: Andrew Nathaniel III (saxophones & comp) is the nephew of addison (sax & g)
  • White: Harry Alexander "Father" (tb & sax & co & arr & comp) was the brother of Willie (tp & sax) and Eddie (p) and the cousin of Gilbert (ts) and Morris (sax & p) - all from the "White Brothers Orchestra"
  • Wiggins: Gerry "The Wig" (p) and his bassist son Gerald Foster "J.J."
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