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Ivan W. Taylor, Princess Monroe, Ron Wright & Eric A. Olfus: All For Love


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IVAN W. TAYLOR / Nu Attitude, comin' at you from New Carrollton, Maryland, USA. CD Title: All For Love With six CDs added to our site, you're in for some great tunes that capture the best of R&B, Pop, Urban, Jazz & electronic music! Check out his CDs, IN THE MIX FIRST OUT, and THE MUSIC IN ME, and OLD STUFF NEW STUFF & JUST FOOLING AROUND and 10 PLAY and Totally Alternative Music X Dimension and All For Love. Ivan is a songwriter, computer specialist, network specialist and multimedia producer. He started by simply playing his guitar along with the radio. After tiring with the tunes available, he began to compose his own. His listeners always loved his compositions due to his unique style. He also found that he could compose "any style that I set my mind on". He's been using MIDI for compositions since 1982. I.M. Productions is dedicated to the production of original commercial music. All compositions are original works (not samples). I formed the company Ivan Multimedia Productions in 1995. This is a multimedia productions company that does Midi Music Production, Digital Audio Production & Multimedia Software Development. I.M. Productions® is dedicated to the production of original commercial music. I do it all from Pop to New Age, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop & Easy Listening. All of my compositions are original works (not samples). Some songs have loops but the loops are used as fill in parts and not the main presence of the music. Our website www.ivanmultipro.com features music from 5 of my music CD's in CD Audio, MP3, Real Audio formats. My name is Ivan W. Taylor. I am a songwriter, computer specialist, network specialist and multimedia producer. This all started many years ago when I used to played my guitar to music on the radio, got very bored with those songs, and started writing my own tunes. People always loved the songs that I wrote. They noticed that I had a unique style and that I could also write in the styles of anyone that I set my mind on. I've been into midi music since 1982. CREDITS: I recently cut a deal with Western Kentucky University to use some of my music in their video production. There video will be used by the Training and Technical Services Department, for Head Start staff throughout an 8-state area in the S.E. US. In 1998 I cut a deal with a company called Sticky Soft to use some of my music in a software game that they was writing. You can find the Black-Jack software game @ http://www.blackjack678.com. In 1997 I cut a deal with a company called Abacus Software to use some of my multimedia demo version software. It was distributed on a CD-ROM bundled in the book titled MAKING MUSIC WITH YOUR PC. You can find this book in the bookstores. In 1989 one of my songs was the song that got the group "The Funk Club" a record deal with Scotti Brothers Records / CBS. I am currently getting request from Digital Radio Stations, Record companies, Music Distribution Deals & other related music resources form around the globe for submissions of my music and other information. Currently we have 6 CD's available for sale on our website @ www.ivanmultipro.com The Music In Me 1. Has 16 songs in a wide range of styles it has a mid 80's & 90's feeling, cost $12.99. Buy It On Line Old Stuff New Stuff And Just Fooling Around 2. Has 16 songs in a wide range of styles. This CD has a 70's, 80 & 90's feeling, cost $12.99. Buy It On Line Ten Play 3. Has 5 songs from each of the above CD's, cost $9.99 Buy It On Line In The Mix First Out 4. Has 12 songs In styles from Pop to Hip Hop, cost $12.99. Buy It On Line Locations where our CD's are sold: 5 of my CD's are being sold here. www.ivanmultipro.com 5 of my CD's are being sold here. http://nuattitude.iuma.com My international website that covers all of Europe Plus. Some Tracks are sold here. http://stage.vitaminic.com/in_the_mix 1 of my CD's is being sold here. http://www.bristolmusic.com/pop.htm 3 of my CD's are being sold here, Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop & Urban. http://www.amazingcds.com 1 CD Here as MP3's http://www.datsdigital.com/Shopping/dispprod.pl?artist=00184a 3 CD's sold here. http://www.cdbaby.com 3 CD's sold here http://www.spiderontheweb.com CD Here as MP3's http://www.orangealley.com/search/discography.asp?tcid=979 Demos here http://www.rapstation.com/artists/artist.php3?artist_id=1139 Demos here under band name Nu Attitude http://www.musicbuilder.com/Nu_Attitude

Track Listing: That's The Way Love Flows (On & On) 1: 3:36 Sincere 2: 4:33 When You Come Back Home 3: 4:34 U Creepin 4: 2:34 Here's My Love (All For You) 5: 4:42 Going To Be Alright 6: 3:34 Any Game You Play 7: 2:28 With This Ring (I Promise To Share) 8: 4:20 What You Going To Do With This Love - Original Mix 9: 4:20 She's So Sexy - Club Mix 10: 3:38 When You Need Some Love 11: 3:22 Dial Me Baby - Hiphop Version 12: 3:22

| Record Label: Ivan Multimedia Productions | Style: Straight-ahead/Mainstream


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