My Inner Child

Giuseppe Magagnino

Label: GleAM Records
Released: 2022
Duration: 00:43:20
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Mi Vida; Deja Vu; A Long Journey; Dancing with Shadows; My Inner Child; Conversando con George; Nelle Tue Mani; I Loves You, Porgy;


Album Description

Gleam Records is proud to announce the release of My Inner Child, the first album as a leader by the Italian pianist & composer Giuseppe Magagnino, available on CD and digital download/streaming from July 1st, 2022 and distributed by IRD International and Believe Digital. The album release will be preceded by the 2 singles release on digital platforms, "My Inner Child" on May 13th 2022 and "Mi Vida" on June 10th 2022. With the project MAG Trio was born the solo path of the jazz pianist Giuseppe Magagnino, a project that took its first steps in 2018 and that has waited to have the right artistic dimension and concreteness of sound and training to be able to fully express themselves. It was thanks to the first lockdown of 2020 that Giuseppe was able to clearly outline the concept of his recording work and realize from then on the project putting together compositions born in 2020/2021 and songs written between 2017 and 2019. "My Inner Child" is a journey of the author back in time, in his childhood; a moment that led him to intimate reflections on the playful approach to music and the instrument, that tends to get lost with the beginning of professional activity when expectations and tensions "dirty" curiosity, momentum and enthusiasm typical of the first experiences. "My Inner Child" is an invitation to contact more often, even in adulthood, our inner child. In this first work as a leader the Italian pianist explores the potential of the piano trio and leaves room for small piano tastings only trying to pour into writing and performances all of himself and the experience of listening and studying the great pianists who in the last 65 years have been a reference for him and for the new generations of musicians and jazz fans. All the compositions on the album tell the story of his life. They were born on the spot, spontaneously, and Giuseppe chose not to revise or refine and writing, too much his writing, so that authenticity might be preserved. Just like children do. In Giuseppe’s style, hints of the Afro-American jazz tradition combine with the sound and arrangements typical of north European jazz and with a strong melodic component, characteristic of the great Italian music. The other members of the trio are Luca Alemanno, double-bass, and Karl-Henrik Ousbäck at the drums. Both are high-level musicians, besides being friends, and they perfectly interpreted the artist’s feeling, and the requested characteristics of sound and musical language. The album opens with Mi Vida, a song written blending the accents of Jazz Waltz and Afro Jazz. Theme A accurately describes all the inner torments experienced in the author’s life, through a close dialogue between the piano and the double bass. Everything stretches and dissipates in part B through a tonal opening and extreme lyricism of the theme. This is followed by Déjà Vu, a composition in the "Ballad" style that mixes the criteria of tonal construction, blending it in a completely natural way to moments of clear modal extraction. A theme born from a solitary walk of Joseph through the center of Budapest. The song’s full title is "New sensations of a life never lived". We’re on the third track of the album. Here the author tries to describe in music the complexity of the inner journey of each of us and does so through A Long Journey, a theme "Even Eights" rich in chiaroscuro that develops on a constant arpeggio, evoking the perpetual motion of life. The first half of this work ends with the first episode in solo piano offered by the leader, Dancing with Shadows, a reinterpretation of the "waltz" form for piano. A very nostalgic theme but at the same time very sweet, especially in the development in major key. A compositional idea that comes from the imagination of the author who observes shadows of goblins making fun of his fears by dancing in the penumbra of the house with the same song in background. The fifth track of the album is My Inner Child, the title track and the first single extracted from the album. A song that comes from a phone conversation, during the lockdown of 2020. An anthem composed thanks to the desire to return to having fun making music, in a childish way. A real reunion with your own "Inner Child" in adulthood. Piece composed in the style of "Even Eights", in the structure AB, with deep breaths and a clear reference to a latin rhythmic mood. The composition that started the same production of the record. It’s the turn of the only piece on swing pulse on the record, Conversando con George, born in the period in which the author deepened the study of the afro-american jazz tradition. The standard structure intersects with a very articulated theme that describes an imaginary conversation of music, very animated and passionate, between Giuseppe and the composer George Gershwin. We are at the seventh track of the album, Nelle tue Mani, a very simple theme that recalls suggestions "Pop" in an atmosphere of European Jazz. The references of the blues in the improvised part are a clear contrast to the draft and softness theme. The effect used in the drum solo is a clear sign of emotional liberation. A piece inspired by the hands of Chiara, the composer’s life partner. The album ends respecting an ideal symmetry, the second and last episode in piano solo, this time expressed through the only standard on the album, I Loves you, Porgy, a small cameo. A theme to which the pianist is very fond of, a very impromptu performance, a tribute to the great composer and also to the performer who, according to the leader, did justice to the song making it unreachable for any other artist: Keith Jarrett. All Music composed & arranged by Giuseppe Magagnino except for “I Loves You, Porgy” (G.Gershwin) / Tracks 4 & 8 recorded in piano solo Recording Data Engineered, mixed & mastered by Valerio Daniele Recorded on August 9th & 10th 2021 at Sudestudio in Guagnano Lecce (Italy) (tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7) Recorded on November 18th 2021 at Teatro Oratorio Don Orione Arnesano Lecce (Italy) (track 4, 8) Mixed & mastered on November 2021 at Sudestudio in Lecce (Italy) Cover Photo: Marco Perulli Graphics: Studio Clessidra Produced by GleAM Records Printed in Italy 2022 EAN 8059018220131 Catalogue Number AM7014

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My Inner Child

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