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Exit Music For Intelligent Life on Earth

Label: Sonic Frenzy Records
Released: 2022
Views: 841


One Degree; Contagion; Migration; Cyclogenesis; Thermohaline Circulation; Anoxia; Ablation Zone; IsostaticRebound; True Polar Wander; Littoral Zone; Evapotranspiration; Aellian Saltation; Hadley Cell; Xerocoles; Xerophytes; The Journey; Arrival; Homestead; Ecopoies; First Harvest; Life Underground.


Album Description

At the present day, 1. One Degree (2:12) Celsius is the amount of warming that has occurred since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Temperatures continue to climb, and we have only begun to see the impact. When the permafrost melts, a 2. Contagion (1:25) born of years past and hiding below the surface is released into the air, while the damage to ecosystems and loss of infrastructure forces the 3. Migration (1:47) of millions to more stable ground. When the ocean warms, more frequent 4. Cyclogenesis (1:55) creates more catastrophic storms. 5. Thermohaline Circulation (4:02) slows down, causing 6. Anoxia (1:23) throughout the now uninhabitable white reefs of the tropics, while increasing ice melt at the poles. The 7. Ablation Zone (2:55) is where first the ice breaks. 8. Isostatic Rebound (2:03) might mitigate the rise in sea levels, but not enough to save low lying areas. The transfer of mass across the planet causes 9. True Polar Wander (3:59), and the 10. Littoral Zone (1:47) moves closer and closer into coastal cities. Higher temperatures mean greater 11. Evapotranspiration (2:32); where vegetation once grew, desert forms. The dust storms of 12. Aeolian Saltation (1:11) blow sediment across the land. The 13. Hadley Cell (2:50) expands, the jet streams shift, and the desert creeps closer and closer to the tropics. The only surviving species are the 14. Xerocoles (3:24) and 15. Xerophytes (1:49) that can thrive with little water. With hope, we set out on 16. The Journey (4:44) to a new home. Our 17. Arrival (2:06) on this uninhabited world brings immense challenges. We build a 18. Homestead (2:03) and begin the process of 19. Ecopoiesis (3:13). The 20. First Harvest (1:36) is still years away as we embark on our sheltered new 21. Life Underground (1:32). Released by: Sonic Frenzy Records Album release date: 4 February 2022




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